Brighton’s Trouble with Gaining Some League Victories with Only 2 League Wins in 2019

In the last four months, Brighton only managed to secure two wins out of sixteen games, making complete sense as to why Brighton would be the second bottom, ahead of only Huddersfield. However, Brighton has scored a win last Saturday for the first time in more than 12 hours of football with Pascal Gross’ goal during the second half that salvaged the team’s chances of retaining credibility this season.

“It’s a very emotional game, with teams like us, there are ways. We know we are not going to bamboozle teams with open, attractive football and get lots of goals. We know we can’t do that. We are not that type of team and we don’t have that quality.” Houghton says.

Chris Houghton, Brighton’s team manager has a lot more work to do to improve Brighton’s stance in the Premier League. Next season will bring higher stakes and has brought in more expectations for the 60-year-old manager to deliver. This season’s poor performance is a warning sign per se; something Houghton and his team will have to acknowledge in moving forward.

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