Strip Clubs and Smoking: Wild Night Out for Huddersfield Players in Platinum Lace  

Chelsea and Huddersfield went home yesterday with a tied game of 1-1. The football game took place in Stamford Bridge with both teams left eager for the Champions League. The Huddersfield players did have their minds off the team’s future and let some steam off in a strip club in Piccadilly Circus called Platinum Lace.

The football stars were spotted blowing off some steam with a bit of smoking and a fine company of their lady friends. Some of the players who were spotted taking a puff are Aaron Mooy and Chris Lowe. The players were out and about until 5:00 am Thursday morning, ditching their late flight back north.

Laurent Depoitre and Alex Pritchard were also snapped chilling in a rickshaw and a motorbike. Depoitre scored quite the goal against Chelsea getting the team that spot-saving 1. Aside from the players, the football team’s manager David Wagner was present with the team, probably celebrating his secured position in the Premier League for the next season.

“They have 48 hours and what they say we’ll do so we’ll go back by coach. Beers? There will be more than one”, joked Wagner after the game. The merriment was first posted on their respective social media accounts which were set, ensuring that a celebration was going to happen one way or another. The team was given two days off before going back to training on Saturday for the final Premier League match against Arsenal.

Chelsea may have tied with Huddersfield, but they must acquire a win against New Castle on Sunday. In order to secure a spot in the Champions League, Liverpool should lose to Brighton, which is something Chelsea should start hoping for if they want security in the league this season.

One thing is for sure though; Huddersfield definitely had every right to party with a secure spot in the Champions League, prompting their opponents to get ready to go against them again.

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