Asian handicap 1 meaning & beginners guide in W88 sportsbook

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W88 Sportsbook  Asian Handicap 1 Meaning  W88 Bonus RM150

There are many sports betting options available in the sportsbooks of online betting sites like W88, but if you had to pick a complicated one then many would chose the Asian Handicap betting option. However, here at W88you, we will show you otherwise, that is why the Asian Handicap betting is one of the easiest options you can find in the sportsbook to place bets. For this, we will explain the Asian Handicap 1 meaning in betting as the 1 goal difference is an easier sub-betting option than most of them.

What is the purpose of Asian handicap bets in sports?

Before we explain with examples the meaning of the Handicap 1 betting option in the sportsbook, let us give you an overview of the purpose behind the handicap bets in sportsbook. For this, you have to imagine a match played between a favorite or strong team and a underdog or weak team. Here, predicting who would win would become easy but betting on such a match would become boring as there would be no thrill of uncertainty in gambling.

w88 handicap meaning in sports betting explained

This is why bookies introduced the handicap or Asian Handicap Betting in Football to even out the end result of the teams in the sportsbook and so here, the end results of the real match is not taken literally. In such cases, the favorite teams are given a handicap of minus (-) goals while the underdog team is given a head-start of plus (+) goals in the sportsbooks. This – or + goals is given based on the strength difference of both the teams. In short, these are virtual goals that alter the real match results only in the sportsbook to make betting more fun.

Asian Handicap 1 betting explained with examples

To elaborate on what is mentioned above, understanding what does Asian Handicap 1 meaning in betting would be very helpful. This is because this betting option is not only famous but also the easiest sub-betting option under that handicap betting option that many beginners can learn quickly. In Asian Handicap 1 matches, the favorite team is given a handicap of -1 goal and the underdog team is given a head-start of +1 goal, so the results in the sportsbook before the match even starts is already 0-1.

Case 1: In the image below, Brentford has a handicap disadvantage of -1 goal

w88 handicap meaning in betting explained with example1 1

This means that they have to win the match by more than 2 goals. If they lose the match, draw the match, or win the match by 1 goal, then the bets placed on them will lose. So, if Brentford wins the match with 3 goals then 3 – 1 would give them 2 goals in the sportsbook.

Case 2: In the same image below, Fulham has a head-start advantage of +1 goal

w88 handicap meaning in betting explained with example2 1

This means that they have to win the match, draw the match or lose the match by Here, if they lose the match by more than 2 goals, then the bets placed on them will lose. So, if Fulham scores 0 goals and loses the match by 1 goal, then 0 + 1 would give them 1 goal in the sportsbook.

Place Handicap 1 bets yourself in the W88 sportsbook using these 3 steps!

Now that you have understood the Asian Handicap 1 meaning in betting it is time for you to go ahead and try out this simple yet fun betting option in the W88 sportsbook. Using W88 as your online betting site would give you the chance to claim exciting bonus offers for new members as a W88 Promotion bonus.

Step 1: Login to your W88 account and pick a sportsbook

  • To access handicap 1 bets at W88, you have to login in your account by clicking on ‘Login‘, this will give you a pop-up box where you must enter your login credentials.
  • If you do not have a W88 account, then you must click on ‘Join‘ to fill out the registration form with accuracy for security purposes.

w88 handicap meaning in sports betting

  • Once done with the sign up process in the W88 Register, you can go ahead and hover your mouse or click on ‘Sports‘.
  • Doing so would introduce you to all the sportsbook on the site so now you must pick your preferred sportsbook. Here, we have picked the e-Sports (Asian) sportsbook since it is easy to place bets here for beginners thanks to its organized data and minimum betting limit of RM5.

Step 2: Locate a match with Asian Handicap 1 betting option

  • Once you have accessed the sportsbook by clicking on it you will be taken to a new W88 tab where all the matches from different sports with their betting options and odds will be shown. Here, you must filter out the sportsbook by clicking on ‘Soccer‘ to place a handicap 1 bet.
  • In the sportsbook, under Soccer, you can even further filter out the matches to give you Live, Today, Early, or Outright matches with their respective betting option and odds.

w88 handicap meaning in betting sports

  • Since you want to play the HDP 1 bet, you must scroll down and locate a match with Asian handicap 1 bet option. In the W88 Sportsbook, this will be shown with a -1 marking as shown in the image above.
  • When you find so, click on the match and move on to step number 3. Here, we have found a handicap 1 bet option for the Napoli and Lazio match under the Italy Serie A, where Napoli has a Handicap disadvantage of -1 goal and Lazio has a Head-start advantage of +1 goal.

Step 3: Fill out the bet slip and enjoy the match

  • In the last step, all you must do is fill out the bet slip to lock in your bets. For this, you must find the Asian Handicap betting option for the match you selected.
  • Here, click on your preferred sub-betting option which means that you have to chose whether you want to bet on HDP -1 or HDP +1 for the match.

w88 handicap meaning in betting

  • When you do so, a bet slip will open up to the left hand side of your screen. Here you can see the betting odds and the payout return you will receive after you enter your betting stake in the given slot. Once done, you must click on ‘Place Bets‘ to lock the bets for the match and enjoy the match in anticipation for the results at the end of it.
  • Here, we have clicked on the Napoli -1 sub-bet with the betting odds of 2.16. The betting stake we used is RM5 so that we receive a RM10.80 payout returns if our bet wins.

The handicap conditions affect the betting odds in the sportsbook

In the final section of the Asian Handicap 1 meaning article, we will look into how the handicap conditions affect the betting odds in the sportsbook as the betting odds is something that must bet taken into consideration along with some Asian Handicap Football Tips to receive higher payouts in sports betting online.

Wagered on Napoli -1 @ 2.16Wagered on Lazio +1 @ 1.78
w88 handicap meaning in sports betting disadvantagew88 handicap meaning in betting explained with example1
Condition: Team needs more than 2 goal and to win the match for bets to winCondition: Team needs to lose by 1 goal, draw or win the match for bets to win
Betting odds: 2.16Betting odds: 1.78
Betting stake: RM5Betting stake: RM5
Payout if won: RM10.80Payout if won: RM8.90

As you can see in the table above, higher betting odds are bound to give you more payouts as it is multiplied with the betting stake. However, it is important to note that the handicap conditions create an alternate result which is different from the real match results. Thus, in handicap matches like these, depending on whether the teams can fulfil the conditions or not, the betting odds may change. So, it is important to make bets realistically and only after observing and taking both, the betting odd and handicap conditions data, in to consideration.


This was all about the Asian Handicap 1 Meaning along with an easy 3 step tutorial that can help you place your bets in the sportsbooks of W88 efficiently. To conclude we would like to say that if you are a beginner and want to try out the Asian Handicap betting option then using the matches with a 1 goal difference is always a better option as most matches tend to end around the required goals more both teams. Lastly, to place accurate bets, analyze the statistical data in the sportsbook realistically to place accurate bets.

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