£30,000 Weekly Deal in Store for Gary Cahill If He Moves to Burnley

Chelsea footballer, 33-year-old Gary Cahill is up for a free transfer to Burnley among other clubs who have shown interest in the player. Burnley’s manager Sean Dyche is pretty confident with his defense James Tarkowski and Ben Mee making their way into his mentorship. Cahill, on the other hand, has already departed from Chelsea last season after issues with manager Maurizio Sarri who he just couldn’t see eye to eye with.

Stamford Bridge did, however, give him the chance to score a few trophies with an impressive feat of winning the Champions League back in 2012, as well as two Premier League titles among other distinguished honors. The terms of his possible move to Burnley is at a willing offer of £30,000 in Cahill’s terms with an additional appearance bonus at that. Cahill has also been rumored to make possible shifts to Championship side Fulham or Galatasaray.

Cahill is only but grateful and relieved he has another chance to prove himself on the field for another shot at the Premier League. ‘I want to go away on holiday for a few weeks and then I’ll come back and see what options there are for me,’ he said. I’m confident that potentially I might stay in the league but I want to wait and see, take the decision over the summer. I’ve got a lot of time to think about things and hopefully make the right decision. I can’t wait to get back playing next season. I’m looking forward to that.” Gary Cahill says.

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