10 Best Fan Tan tricks to earn up to RM800 online every day

Use these 10 Fan Tan tricks from W88you’s betting specialists to boost your winnings by 98% and earn up to RM800 every day when playing in the W88 live casino.

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One of the most enjoyable ways to kill time is to play Fan Tan, a classic Chinese game that is entirely dependent on luck, at online casinos like W88 login. To win this game, you just need to estimate the number of stones or marbles that will stay after each batch of four is removed. Playing the original Fan Tan game will always be enjoyable, but there are a lot of new varieties that have emerged recently. To help you win more in these Fan Tan games, here are ten Fan Tan tactics you may apply at online casinos.

w88 fan tan tricks to win

1. Select a gaming area that offers classic Fan Tan activities

As was already noted, Fan Tan is one of the greatest casino games available. Nevertheless, the traditional Fan Tan playtime, which is played with marble stones or beads, has the best and most entertaining gameplay. In addition to being entertaining to watch, this gameplay makes it simple to execute some of the most important Fan Tan strategies for victory.

  • Fan Tan is a card game that can be found at online casinos. Because of this, it can be challenging for beginners to grasp the gameplay and difficult to use tricks.
  • Therefore, utilizing sophisticated yet understated Fan Tan game rooms with knowledgeable croupiers educated in conventional games is essential for a seamless online casino experience. This classic Fan Tan game is played with a stick and marble-like marble that has two containers: one big enough to hold the marbles and the other small enough to remove some of them.
  • You can play real, conventional Fan Tan game rounds in the Club Evolution products on the well-known online bookmaker if you register for an account on the W88 Register.

2. Watch a few gaming rounds to see which wagers are the most successful

One of the most crucial Fan Tan strategies that will support you in any online casino game you choose to play is observation. Fortunately, Fan Tan is one of those casino games that facilitates observation, making it simple to determine which of the four betting options is winning the most rounds.

  • This observation can assist you in placing precise wagers on the majority of betting rounds, and when combined with the Fan Tan tips listed below, it can even improve your ability to maximize your profits when placing bets.
  • But in order to avoid this, it’s crucial that you wait to place a bet after joining a Fan Tan table. Rather, in order to see the winning betting option, you have to forego a few betting rounds.
  • You can even plainly observe which options win more rounds after the most winning bet because there are fewer main bets. The duration after which a betting option in the gaming room wins is another important consideration.

w88 fan tan tricks to win online

3. Also, pay attention to the side bet option that has the best odds

Fan Tan offers a plethora of simple betting possibilities, and as previously mentioned, it’s very simple to choose the most profitable wager in these online casino games. You can even make observations on the side betting alternatives in the game rooms, which are just as easy to detect as the major bets, which makes learning How to Play Fan Tan online much more awesome.

  • In Fan Tan games, there are two side bet possibilities: Odd/Even and Big/Small. However, professional players primarily use Nim, Kwok, and SSH, which are more sophisticated side-betting options.
  • Bets on whether there will be 2, 4, 1, or 3 marbles left are known as odd/even side bets. Big/Small, on the other hand, denotes a wager on either 1, 2, 3, or 4, respectively. As a result, for novices, the primary side betting alternatives are the finest.
  • You can therefore combine a main and a side bet to gamble for a single round by keeping an eye on both the main and side bets. This will help you place correct bets even if the side bets pay less than the main bets.

4. Use the minimal betting stake when placing your bets

It’s time for you to place your bets now that you know the fundamental Fan Tan strategies and advice for betting on Fan Tan games online. However, you should always utilize the least betting stake, if not start with it. When placing bets during the opening game rounds in online casinos, this is much more crucial to do.

  • A Fan Tan Strategy to test your observational skills in the game rooms is to place bets using the minimal betting rate. In this situation, your observations may or may not be accurate, therefore it’s a good idea to test them to be safe.
  • Therefore, in the game room you choose to play Fan Tan, you will lose the least amount of money possible if you lose and win twice as much.
  • Maintaining your money is an added benefit of playing Fan Tan with a minimal betting sum. You’ll see how using betting systems to maximize profits may be achieved with the lowest possible betting investment as you read in this article.

w88 fan tan tricks to win in online casino

5. Avoid falling for the gambler’s or Monte Carlo fallacies

The Monte Carlo or Gambler’s fallacy is something you should be aware of when playing games like Fan Tan with simple betting alternatives. It occurs when you think that just because a betting option has won multiple rounds, it is unlikely to win again in the next round. This is just additional justification for selecting a responsible online betting platform, such as W88 Live Casino.

  • Professionals have lost a significant amount of money in a single session due to the Monte Carlo or Gambler’s fallacy, which is why careful betting combined with observational skills is crucial.
  • As we indicated earlier, you should place your bet on the option that has the highest winning percentage. This implies that if a betting choice wins seven times out of ten, it is the most winning option. This implies that you should continue to bet on the same option in the subsequent rounds if you place a wager on it and it loses a betting round.
  • This is because the objective is to win the majority of rounds rather than all of them, thus seven out of ten rounds is a very good result. It’s also a wonderful idea to adhere to the betting option that has been shown to be the most successful in order to avoid the gambler’s fallacy.

6. To identify any changes, use the winning bet chart from before

Since betting on the most profitable betting options is a key component of these Fan Tan tricks, it’s important to remember that the most profitable betting option may change after intervals. You can spot this change by using your observational skills to track the intervals after which a particular option wins the round.

  • You can also accomplish this by examining the statistics chart or prior winning bet chart that your online gaming room provides. This is where you can view the betting option that wins the most and how long it wins.
  • By examining which wager won more before you joined the table on the website, you can use the betting chart to determine whether or not your observations are accurate.
  • If you have a time constraint on your game, you can bypass the observations and go straight to the strategy chart in the game room to find the best profitable betting option for both main and side bets.

fan tan tricks to win online live casino

7. When playing Fan Tan online, choose a wager limit and a time limit

When applied correctly, the majority of these Fan Tan tips will raise your payout percentage in the gaming rooms. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind that saving money is just as significant as winning the rounds. This implies that you should use caution when using your bankroll to place wagers in the gaming area.

  • Fan Tan is an entertaining game, and it’s understood that many players can become engrossed in its mindless gameplay and wager on the betting option repeatedly, using up all of their money before they realize it and not winning anymore.
  • Thus, adopting these Fan Tan techniques, monitoring the game, and setting a wagering limit are all excellent ways to focus and be aware of your actions when playing. Furthermore, it is said that time is money and should be managed wisely, particularly when playing online casino games.
  • Therefore, it’s a good idea to set a betting limit or a time limit before playing Fan Tan online. In addition, you can utilize your online casino bonuses, such as those found in the W88 Promotion section, to play online casino games and receive up to RM600 in cash back!

8. Make use of betting strategies to increase your payout profits

The best strategy to raise the amount of money in your account is to maximize profits by placing winning wagers and preserving as much of your bankroll as you can, but you can also achieve this by using betting strategies. Pro gamblers utilize betting systems to wager sensibly, and even wealthy investors employ them to optimize returns. Within the gambling industry, two categories of betting systems exist:

  • In order to get paid for the lost wager when you finally win, progressive betting systems require you to increase your wagering amount by one unit or double it each time you lose.
  • When using a non-progressive betting system, you have to gamble with a betting limit and must always wager the same amount whether you win or lose a round.
  • Progressive betting systems are considered the best, but they can be risky if you want to earn more money than you started with. If you choose to stick to betting on the choice that will win the most money for the majority of the game, progressive betting systems are simple to use. Acquiring a W88 Free Credit bonus offer of RM30 upon account verification for online Fan Tan gaming is another benefit of joining W88.

w88 fan tan tricks to win in live casino

9. Use the 1324 betting method to keep your bankroll intact

When you first enter the gaming rooms, you should familiarise yourself with progressive betting methods in order to optimize your earnings and reduce your losses. However, it’s crucial to remember that progressive betting methods carry some danger, so you should stick to the beginner-friendly options. Among these is the 1-3-2-4 progressive betting system, which is entertaining to use while still improving your skill.

  • When using the 1-3-2-4 betting strategy, you should start with a 1-betting investment, double it after each win by 3 units, double it again after each win by 2 units, and double it again after each win by 4 units.
  • You have to keep your stake at the same level even if you lose a round in between. In summary, this betting method determines the optimal time to raise or lower your wager as well as the size of your wager.
  • For novice players in Fan Tan games, it is advisable to stick to a single betting option and start with the minimum betting amount for this betting system.

w88 fan tan tricks to win live online casino

10. If it seems like you are losing, get up from the table

Finally, leaving the table to conserve the money you have already earned and to prevent spending more is the best Fan Tan method you can use to increase your earnings. This is crucial if, despite using these Fan Tan techniques, you no longer appear to be winning.

  • To be honest, Fan Tan is designed to be a game of chance or luck, and sometimes you just aren’t fortunate enough. Pro gamblers with years of expertise using betting strategies and advice for these kinds of online casino games may attest to this as well.
  • Hence, if you find that you are losing games, you have two options: either stop to watch the game again or take a break from betting for a while before returning to place a wager.
  • It’s time for you to call it a day if you are unable to win a round. This is an additional strategy for playing within your money. For example, you should think about stopping the game for the day if, after using these Fan Tan techniques, you do not win six out of ten rounds.


This was all about the 10 Fan Tan Tricks that W88you specialists shared with you. Our experienced bettors have found that using these tips in Fan Tan game rooms can raise your winning percentage by 98%. However, if you want to make a sizable amount of money right away, visit online betting sites like W88, where you can open a new account and receive a casino bonus of up to RM600. Make sure to stay in contact with W88you if you’re looking for additional casino advice!

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