How to Play Fan Tan Online- Know Rules & See Gameplay at W88

Learn How to Play Fan Tan Online at W88 Live Casino. Know the Rules & Witness the Real Money Gameplay in 3 Simple Steps. Join W88 & claim a bonus of up to RM600.

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Online casino games can be the most fun kind of games to play as it offers you wholesome payouts and extravagant bonuses. However, there are some online casino games which allow you to win such payouts easily because of how easy they are to play. Fan Tan at W88 is one such game where you can win many betting rounds by using the most basic betting skills out there. Let us look into how you can do that and win many rounds on Fan Tan games.

The Origin of the Fan Tan Game

Fan Tan is one of the oldest casino games to exist in today’s time. It is said to have been created about 2,000 years ago in China and was introduced to the rest of the world by Chinese immigrants. This game eventually became one of the most loved casino games people like to bet on.


  • Fan Tan is a game where you can only depend on how lucky you are to win bets online.
  • Not only this but it is a casino game with fewer betting options which is also very simple to understand.
  • To play Fan Tan, you will need special equipment on the casino table, like a big bowl, a handful of bead-like stones or beans, and a stick to separate the money, all of which makes the gameplay interesting to watch.

Fan Tan is One of the Easiest Casino Games to Play, Here’s How:

As mentioned above, the game of Fan Tan requires special equipment which makes the enter gameplay very interesting to watch. However, to know why this is the case, you must understand the basic rules of the Fan Tan game as well as how the game commences.


  • To play any W88 Live Casino game, remembering the goal of the game is very important so that you can place accurate bets, Fan Tan is a game which is similar.
  • In a Fan Tan game, you must place your bets on either one of the four main betting options which are 1, 2, 3, 4, while the croupier separates some beans from the rest using a bowl.
  • Then once the betting option ends, the croupier will spread the separated beans out on the table and use a stick to separate them all 4 at a time.
  • Thus, the bet you placed before was to determine how many beans will remain on the table in the last batch. Respective of the number of beans remaining in the last batch, the corresponding number in the main betting options wins the betting round.

As the croupier separates the beans 4 at a time from the rest of them, the anticipation of the gamblers rises which is something that makes this casino game an authentic one. Another reason this is the best authentic casino game you can find is that this game is purely based on chance, in other words, Luck. Here, trusting your gut instincts and placing bets is something which will make you enjoy Fan Tan to the fullest!

Learn How to Play Fan Tan Online at W88 in 3 Simple Steps

Let us now dive into the important part of the article and that is learning how to play this amazing casino game using our easy 3-Step tutorial. So memorize the aforementioned rules well and buckle up to play one of the most interesting online casino games you can find on the internet.

Step 1: Visit W88 Live Casino with a W88 Account

  • The first step in playing an awesome casino game is to join an equally amazing online betting site like W88. So visit the official W88 website and click on ‘Join‘ to create an account in the W88 register.
  • Here, you must fill in your details accurately when filling out the W88 registration form and top this off by entering a unique username and strong password.


  • Now, after entering your newly-made credentials, you must click on ‘Login‘ to make a successful W88 login with your new account.
  • Once all the procedure is carried out well, you must click on ‘Live Casino‘ which will be available on the W88 homepage to enter the Live Casino domain and access its products at W88.

Step 2: Filter Out Your Options to Find a Fan Tan Game Room

  • Now that you are in the W88 Live Casino domain, you will find many classic casino game rooms here provided by prominent game room providers like Club Ezugi, Club Palazzo, etc.
  • However, since you want to play Fan Tan, you must filter out your options by first picking a good game room provider. Here, we have selected Club Evolution because the Evolution gaming live casino offers you beginner-friendly game rooms which are thus easy to use for betting online.


  • When you click on a game provider, W88 will immediately filter out your options to show game rooms provided by your preferred game room provider, here you can also find a variety.
  • So, to play Fan Tan, click on the ‘Fan Tan‘ game room which will open another W88 tab on your browser exclusively for the Fan Tan game room.

Step 3: Place Your Bets Accurately to Win

  • When you begin step 3, you already should be in the Fan Tan game room and so the only thing left to do is place your bets on any of the available betting options
  • Here, you will see there are 4 main betting options and 4 side betting options which you can choose from. As you follow this article further down, you will find explanations for all of these Fan Tan betting options.


  • So, to place bets, you must use the betting option table available on your screens. It is also important to remember that you must place your bets before the 15 Seconds timer ends.
  • To do this, you must drag a betting chip to your preferred betting option. After this, you must sit back and anticipate the outcome as the croupier divides the entire bunch of beans 4 at a time with excitement!

The Betting Options in W88 Fan Tan Online Casino

It is emphasized above that in Fan Tan, there are 4 main betting options which are also the most exciting betting options you can find in the online gambling world. However, like most casino games, to spice things up, Fan Tan also offers side bets which you can make to win more as it is one of the best online casino tips! So, let us look into the available betting options you will find on the Fan Tan table.


  • 1, 2, 3, 4: The main 4 betting options are named in the most simple way which are 1, 2, 3 and 4. Here, if you place bets on 1 then you are placing a bet on 1 remaining bean in the last batch. The similar case is with the respective numbers 2, 3 and 4. The payout for the main bets is equal which is 2.85:1.
  • Even: The first side bet that we will talk about is the Even betting option, which is a betting option available in most online casino games. Here, you place bets to determine that the outcome will be an even number which is either 2 or 4 remaining beans in the last batch with a payout ratio of 0.95:1.
  • Odd: The opposite of the aforementioned betting option is another side bet which is named Odd with a payout of 0.95:1. Bets are placed here to determine that the remaining beans in the last batch will be an Odd number meaning that there will be either 1 or 3 remaining beans.
  • Small: Next, we have the side betting option called Small. Here, bets are placed to determine that the last batch of remaining beans will have the number which is Small, that is, either 1 or 2 remaining beans. This Small betting option at Fan Tan has a payout ratio of 0.95:1.
  • Big: Lastly, the opposite of Small is the Big betting option where you place bets to determine the remaining beans to be a big number which is 3 or 4 remaining beans in the last batch. Here, the payout for the Big Fan Tan betting option is 0.95:1.

Thus, Fan Tan is an online casino game which is very easy to play and indeed the most appealing casino games any newbie can begin with. Speaking of newbies, you can join W88 and make your first deposit by claiming the live-casino W88 Promotion bonus of 20% up to RM600 on live casino products. Using this money you can play many Fan Tan betting rounds and experience endless entertainment.

Real-Money Fan Tan Gameplay Using W88

By now you have been introduced to most of the basic things you need to learn about playing Fan Tan online, so the only thing left to do for you goes ahead and play the game yourself using W88’s awesome Fan Tan game room. But if you are still hesitant to play the game yourself, let us show you a real-money gameplay of a Fan Tan betting round.

ROUND 1: Place your bets on any of the Eight Fan Tan Betting Options:

  • As mentioned above, the croupier will give you a 15-second time limit to place your bets on any of the betting options.
  • So, you must drag a chip and place your bets on the betting option slot on the table.


  • Meanwhile, the croupier will skillfully remove a portion of beans using a bowl and set the remaining beans aside.
  • Here, we have placed a 1 Chip on the main betting option 4 since according to a Fan Tan Strategy, you should bet on the number which appears the most in the previous rounds. This means that we used RM1 to place a bet on the main betting option 4, which pays out 2.85:1.

ROUND 2: Anticipate the Remaining Beans in the Last Batch

  • Once the timer ends, the croupier will spread the separated beans on the table, use a stick to separate the beans by 4 and creatively place them on the other end of the table.
  • This is the best part of the entire game because with each portion being taken out of you, you anticipate the results determining your win or loss.


  • As you can see, all the beans are separated very neatly on the table and the last batch is kept at the centre to determine the winner.
  • As you can see, there are 4 beans in the centre in the last batch and so, we won the bets we placed and received RM3.85 in return.

In Conclusion

This was all you needed to know about How to Play Fan Tan online. Now you can go ahead and play the game yourself to enjoy the entire gameplay thoroughly. If you use W88 as your official betting site then you can experience some of the best offers on Live casinos which offers up to RM600 on your first deposit. So, go ahead and create your W88 account today to play an awesome casino game like Fan Tan at an awesome casino website in the betting world online.

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