10 Online Fan Tan Strategies to Win up to RM3,000 every day

Win up to RM3,000 daily! Use 10 Fan Tan Strategies & master the gameplay. Play Fan Tan Online with W88 Malaysia & Win More using our expert fan tan strategies.

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These days, it’s easy to find casino games online. What’s even more awesome about this is that many classic casino games can be found on reputable online casinos like W88 login, where you can play for as little as RM1! One such game that has been around for a very long time is Fan Tan, which is easy to win and enjoyable to play, depending on how you play it, of course.


Using a Fan Tan Strategy to increase your profits is one approach to play this entertaining casino game and win more money faster. This strategy can quickly make you an expert online gambler. Thus, these are ten W88.page Fan Tan Techniques that you can use right now!

The Top 10 Fan Tan Techniques to Increase Wins and Decrease Savings

It’s crucial that you choose a reliable online betting site before reading about the Top 10 Fan Tan Strategies for winning. Additionally, selecting the right gaming space will aid in the effective application of these tactics.

#1 Play White Buttons in the Classic Fan Tan Game

The Fan Tan game variant is the subject of the first strategy in our list of the top Fan Tan strategies. Fan Tan is only one of several contemporary game variations available at online casinos for numerous classic casino games. To win more, it is crucial to select the appropriate Fan Tan variety.

  • The Fan Tan classic game is the greatest version of them all since it gives you the most genuine casino experience and allows you to play more effectively in order to win substantial prizes.
  • White beans, a stick, and a bowl are the standard pieces of equipment used in the classic Fan Tan game. On the other hand, some Fan Tan variations use casino cards.
  • In addition, playing in the classic Fan Tan gaming rooms will provide you with straightforward betting choices that are easy to score well on and a more straightforward but fun gameplay structure.
There are Fan Tan Variants, but the Traditional One is the Best!

#2 Before you make an accurate bet, watch the gameplay

This next step in learning how to play Fan Tan is crucial and must be done before you start playing the game at your online live casino, regardless of the version of the game you choose.

  • It’s crucial that you spend some time in the game room before you wager on Fan Tan.
  • As a result, it’s critical to pay attention to how the game is playing as this will enable you to implement some of the winning tactics listed below.
  • In order to observe the game and make appropriate online bets, you will need to miss several rounds and place mental bets in order to notice certain things.

#3 Record the Previous Results for the Winning Bets

As we previously discussed, when you place accurate bets and win, watching Fan Tan’s action is crucial to increasing your cashback returns. In actuality, the majority of Fan Tan casino game rooms are aware of this and provide all of the prior betting rounds’ scores.

  • Because of this, it’s also crucial to highlight that you should only place bets after reviewing the results of prior games during your observations.
  • You would be able to determine which primary betting option wins more frequently if you only placed bets after examining the results of your prior wagers. You could also identify trends regarding which number appears more frequently.
  • You may also time your bets by looking for trends in the number that appears on the scoreboard the most frequently as the winner.


#4 Understand How to Interpret the Game’s Statistics

There are other considerations that you should make during this phase of observation, one of which is the game’s general statistics. This is the reason it’s crucial to choose a game room on an online casino that provides you with all the information you need in one location. To enjoy the best online casino betting experience with a wide selection of gaming rooms, we advise you to open an account with the W88 Register.

  • The statistics of all the games played throughout the day are another crucial factor that increases your winnings when you bet online, regardless of the game you are playing.
  • Therefore, in order to increase the accuracy of your bets, you must first review the statistics from prior games.
  • You would have a better understanding of which betting option—main or side—you should choose if you used statistics while placing your bets.

#5 Place a Bet on the Option That Has the Highest Win Rate, Though Not Often

You read correctly: you shouldn’t always wager on the same option for each round, even if you have used the majority of the tactics up to this point to determine which betting option wins the most. This is likewise regarded as a non-professional approach that has the potential to severely undermine your strategy.

  • As an alternative, you need to look at the overall pattern of all the numbers in the primary betting option. This implies that you have to keep track of every betting option and establish a pattern of your own.
  • This implies that the numbers in this pattern should go from the most to the least frequent, and you should position your bets appropriately.
  • By doing this, you would precisely raise your betting rate in addition to having pleasure while analyzing and developing a pattern.


#6 Use the Common Side Bets to Increase Your Bets

You may only proceed with placing your bets after carefully following each and every betting choice. To save more money and participate in more betting rounds, it is advised to use the minimum betting limit. Having said that, it is crucial to additionally wager on the optimal betting alternative, which is represented by side bets rather than main bets.

  • It’s true that most online gamers prefer to focus on the primary betting possibilities and dislike placing side bets, but that’s okay.
  • But, as side bets are a lot simpler to play and win with, it is crucial to take them into account.
  • The alternatives for a typical side bet are Odd, Small, Big, and Even. Here, the numbers 2 and 4 and 1 and 3, respectively, are represented by Even and Odd. On the other hand, Big refers to 3 and 4, and Small refers to 1 and 2.

#7 Check Out the Fan Tan Advanced Side Bets

Fan Tan is one such game that offers its participants a variety of betting possibilities, making the betting experience enjoyable. There are two types of betting options: primary and secondary. But you can personalize your Fan Tan table by adding more options for side bets.

  • You may access the Fan Tan advanced betting option with only one click if you want to play Fan Tan at W88 Live Casino, an online betting platform.
  • But you should only utilize this option after you have mastered the fundamentals of Fan Tan online. Here are the other three advanced side bets: Nim, Kwok, and SSH.
  • When playing Nim, you win if the first number equals the last batch; you lose if the second number matches the wager. Kwok involves betting on two numbers; you win if the final batch of numbers matches one of them. Last but not least, SSH refers to wagers placed on three numbers; you will profit if any of your chosen numbers match those from the previous batch.


#8 Establish Betting Limits to Preserve the Money You Already Own

Thus far, we have discussed the tactics involved in making precise wagers. It’s crucial to be aware, though, that occasionally a lot of players come into the gaming room with more money than they depart with. Setting a betting limit for yourself is also a good idea with these techniques because this is something that may be highly unpredictable, especially for a novice gambler.

  • Expert gamblers have mastered the art of setting a betting limit since it’s essential to preserving a positive gaming relationship. Therefore, it is best for you to establish this discipline as a novice since it will enable you to make informed choices when you start betting online, especially for entertainment purposes.
  • These restrictions can be established on a weekly, daily, or even hourly basis, but even if you were winning round after round, you would still have to quit playing and return the next day when the allotted time or money was used up.
  • But, we advise taking advantage of the Welcome Bonuses your online betting companies give you if you want to increase your earnings without investing a lot of money in Fan Tan game rooms. Joining W88 entitles you to a welcome incentive of up to RM600 via the W88 Promotion.

#9 Use Betting Strategies to Increase Your Winnings

Although setting betting limits is necessary, you don’t have to make it boring when you may use professionally designed betting methods that are already ready to use.

  • These betting techniques can also be utilized to invest in markets, which enables users to make more accurate selections, in addition to being utilized when playing casino games.
  • The idea behind betting strategies is to minimize loss and maximize profit by placing bets at online casinos by assisting you in placing bets with only the money you have set aside. In addition to this, these betting options come in types where you can progressively increase the betting stake or keep it static.


#10 Employ D’Alembert or Martingale Techniques for Moderate Betting

As was already said, professional gamers use a variety of betting tactics to make wise online wagers. Depending on your betting preferences or limit, these betting tactics can change. Nonetheless, the D’Alembert and Martingale systems are the two most popular betting techniques utilized online.

  • The D’Alembert Strategy appears to be more effective for novices, while the Martingale Strategy, while highly acclaimed, is more appealing to big rollers.
  • Martingale System: Under this system, you must increase your wager by double the starting amount each time you lose a betting round until you win. You can win back the money you lost earlier in this way.
  • D’Alembert System: This system is comparable to the previous one, but it requires you to increase your wager by one unit in the event of a loss and to decrease it by one unit in the event of a win. This lets you wager up to a certain amount and is suitable for beginners.

Is a Fan Tan Strategy Actually Going to Increase My Wins?

Now that you know how to play Fan Tan and win utilizing expert techniques, let’s see if you can actually increase your wins by utilizing them. Yes, as long as you make effective use of these tactics, is the succinct response to this question. This implies that if you want to quickly boost your wins, you must employ all of these tactics with skill. Furthermore, choosing a reliable online betting site like W88 is the greatest approach to increasing your winnings while using these strategies in your Fan Tan gameplay. W88 gives new sign-ups a free credit of RM30, which you can receive after your first withdrawal and account verification!


Furthermore, you must experiment a lot with these techniques and develop your own superior Fan Tan tactic that may surpass these. Finally, choosing a reputable online betting site like W88 is the ideal method to increase your winnings when using these strategies in your Fan Tan gameplay. We suggest W88 since it is incredibly user-friendly for beginners and has an amazing Fan Tan game area that is suitable for all skill levels. Additionally, when you create a new account here, you can receive a welcome bonus worth up to RM600!

In Conclusion

To increase your wins, all you need to do is select a Fan Tan Strategy from these 10 and sign up for an online casino like W88. As an aspiring gambler, you should definitely try playing Fan Tan, a beginner-friendly casino game. That being stated, it’s critical to manage your finances sensibly by utilizing a reliable online betting system while placing bets. To play and win at Fan Tan online, use these 10 strategies or invent your own. Good luck!

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