Top 10 Football betting strategies to win huge profits daily

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Football fans now have a new way to support their clubs and make additional cash online: online football betting. But in addition to being a trustworthy online bookmaker, you’ll also need some of the best football betting strategies and advice for beginners. Our knowledgeable staff has put together this list of the Top 10 Football betting techniques to help you out. It exposes you to the top 10 football betting tactics you can use at the W88 sportsbook to increase your winnings and profits!

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1. Recognize the football-related sports

  • A lot of sports bettors miss the first tip on the list since it’s so easy. It’s not a terrible thing that a lot of people sign up for online betting sites these days in order to try their luck or place bets on their favorite teams.
  • But many lose money because they bet irrationally and don’t know anything about the sport. Thus, you need first to educate yourself about football to discover how to profit from football betting.
  • This education doesn’t have to be in-depth, but it should cover topics such as powerful football teams, elite coaches, legendary players, and fundamental and advanced football rules.

2. Keep tabs on heated football matches

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  • To reiterate the previous point, it is imperative that you monitor hot football games, which are contests between elite football teams.
  • This is so because competitive games offer better odds and increase the thrill of placing a wager on a team. Hot football games are also quite fascinating, particularly when total score wagers, like the Over/Under betting option, are placed.
  • Since W88 is a sponsor partner for most elite football teams, creating an account on the W88 Register will allow you to receive real-time updates on competitive games involving these teams.

3. Using the three main football wagers

  • If you’ve been in the gambling industry for a while, you probably know that main bets pay out higher because they are dependent on the major outcomes of the game or match, whether you bet on sports or play live casino games.
  • Because the odds on the main betting options are higher than the odds on side bets or supplementary bets, it is imperative that you place more bets on them.
  • This does not mean, however, that you should ignore the side bets. If you utilize the W88 Sportsbook to place football wagers, you will discover how to take benefit of both the main and side bets.

4. Bet more on football overs and under

  • As previously indicated in the football betting tips and tricks, you have to choose betting options that are dependent on both the total score of the two teams and the main betting options. Consequently, the Football Over Under primary wager is thought to be the best choice for a novice.
  • With over/under wagers, you must predict the combined score of both teams by placing a wager on the over, which is larger than a particular margin, or the under, which is less than a particular margin.
  • You can utilize the information offered by your bookmaker to look at the average total score of both teams, as this margin is derived from an analysis of the teams’ previous games.

5. Bey choosing to take a second chance

W88you-football-betting-strategies to win real money

  • While there are a number of betting options available for side bets that can increase your winnings, the best one is the Double Chance betting option.
  • You can bet on two of the three sub-betting options that are offered in the 1X2 betting option by using the Double Chance betting option. This suggests that you can bet on X2, X1, or 12X. To learn more about the rules governing this betting option, read What is Double Chance in Betting.
  • As you may have guessed, placing a wager on 12 boosts your winning probability by taking on the chance that both teams will win. The Double Chance betting option is therefore among the greatest but simplest football strategies to use.

6. Find out the conditions for handicap betting

  • Because the primary betting options typically pay out more, you should be aware of the handicap circumstances when studying How to Play Football Betting in order to place accurate 1X2 bets.
  • The stronger team is assigned a minus goal handicap and the underdog is given a plus goal head start under the handicap conditions, which are subsequently added to the teams’ total score.
  • That being said, Handicap Betting in Football conditions will assist you in selecting which choice to choose in the 1X2 main betting option because you will be aware of the strong and underdog teams. Betting odds suggest which side has a better likelihood of winning.

7. Make use of the statistic charts created by sportsbooks


  • The odds for every football wager are established by examining historical data from the teams’ games; for this reason, the statistical charts offered by your sportsbook are quite important for placing accurate wagers.
  • Sportsbooks’ football statistic charts break down a team’s winning percentage and previous match results to help you decide which team has a better probability of winning.
  • However, you need to pick a reliable betting site like W88, where you may even receive a welcome bonus of up to RM1,088 on sportsbook items, and that offers accurate match statistics.

8. Put smaller win wagers on odds that are lower

  • The most crucial element of sports betting is understanding the odds, which tell you which team is more likely to win and which one carries higher betting risk.
  • It’s critical to keep in mind that teams with a higher chance of winning are given lower odds. However since there is no risk associated with this choice, the payout would also be minimal.
  • However, you can bet on a range of possibilities with reduced odds of winning small amounts because this is a safe and low-risk betting option.

9. Bet on larger odds to get big returns

W88you-football-betting-strategies to win huge profits

  • Since the purpose of gambling is to test one’s luck by placing a bet on one of two options, the excitement of gambling with real money is tempered by the risks involved.
  • Teams with a lower chance of winning are assigned greater odds. Because there is a significant risk involved in betting on these teams, the payout is high in the event that your wager is successful.
  • This implies that it is acceptable to wager on bigger odds, but only in small amounts. Because of this, it’s important to keep in mind that, while you should generally avoid betting on teams with higher odds, you should occasionally do so if you are certain that the side can swing the game in their favor.

10. Invest in the football team. Initial Markets

  • It is important to understand that choosing to wager on a betting option is not the only important moment when it comes to How to Win in Betting Football. Sportsbooks offer two different kinds of betting odds: early market odds and live match odds.
  • Because you can watch the game live and see which team is playing better, betting on live matches may be profitable as well as exciting. Betting on the Early Market odds is a better alternative if you want to lock in some of the best odds.


Here are the Top 10 Football Betting Strategies for Novices that you should start using right away. Don’t forget to pick a respectable betting site, like the W88 website, that offers you intriguing bonuses and fantastic, user-friendly sportsbooks. You may get a 100% welcome bonus up to RM1,088 on sportsbook items when you sign up with W88 right now. Moreover, this website is thought to be the best for novices, so it should be much easier to put these basic football strategies into practice online. For more professional guidance on placing an online sports wager, visit W88you.

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