10 Tested Tips on Basketball Betting online for winning daily

Learn 10 tried-and-true Tips on Basketball betting online for novices from W88tel’s professionals. Play at W88 Sportsbook to increase your winning chances by 98%

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As sports betting has grown in popularity recently, you may have noticed that many people are betting large amounts on events like basketball games on online bookmakers like W88 online, but very few of them end up with larger payouts. You have to gamble on basketball the way the pros do if you want to join this tiny percentage of winners. Here are ten professional tips from W88tel.com that will help you win consistently while betting on basketball.

1. Observe basketball games to enhance your prediction skills

Compared to hockey and soccer, basketball is a reasonably unpopular sport. Conversely, basketball games are just as fun to watch as any other sport, which adds to the excitement of cheering on the teams. Therefore, watching some basketball games is the first step towards winning accurate basketball betting.

10 tips on basketball betting online to win more real money

  • In actuality, watching basketball games on TV on the internet is the simplest approach to learning the principles of the game, which is necessary if you want to succeed at online basketball betting.
  • In actuality, observing the game in real-time is necessary for exact prediction-making in order to make accurate wagers. You can predict the outcome of the game by mentally placing bets on the team at the beginning when it comes to winning basketball bets.
  • Eventually, the more games you watch online, the more you will understand about basketball teams, players, and trends; this will enable you to eventually become an authority on the subject when it comes to online basketball betting.

2. Keep tabs on well-liked teams that are participating in intense games

This how-to-win in basketball betting advice builds on the last one because watching basketball games online is a great way to learn about teams and players in the league. Not only that, but you’ll know more about the players and their style of play as well as which teams are stronger and more well-liked.

  • Observing basketball games also introduces you to hot teams or matches that are happening, which is another important lesson you will acquire. To receive quick updates or notifications on these matches, register for an account at online bookmakers such as W88 Register.
  • Usually, two dominant basketball teams or two great players competing against one another on their respective teams combat these intense team contests.
  • Here, the game’s betting chances are usually high, meaning that big jackpots are possible. It is crucial that you keep tabs on these games, teams, and players as a result.

3. Set aside money for every wager or game

You will need real money to move from online mental bets to actual bets because the winnings from your bets will be paid out in cash. Nevertheless, you must pick an online betting site that does not require you to spend a lot of money in order to play basketball online and test these basketball betting strategies.

tips on basketball betting online for beginners to win more real money

  • Setting up a little bankroll, specifically for basketball betting online, is another way to cut costs on basketball betting without compromising your daily life.
    With this bankroll, you can use it to set daily betting limits for any game or betting strategy you want to engage in.
    Actually, you can utilize betting strategies like the D’Alembert method, which entails raising the wager in the event of a loss in an attempt to recoup the winnings.

4. Select an online bookmaker that provides a bonus for sports betting

To reiterate the previous point, the capacity of experts to maximize profit while minimizing loss sets them apart from novices. Utilizing your bets sensibly is one way to go about it, but utilizing the promo codes that the online bookmaker of your choice offers is a fast way to make extra cash.

  • Because of this, selecting the best online betting site is essential when it comes to basketball betting since it should help you avoid making unnecessary purchases. The goal is to select an online bookmaker for sports betting that provides a sign-up bonus or more.
  • As mentioned earlier, your sportsbook bonuses should be available on your online betting site. You can utilize these bonuses to play basketball betting with bonus money when you create a new account.
  • For instance, you may pick between two sportsbook incentives in the W88 Promotion area that can provide new members cash up to RM600 or RM150. The fact that W88 offers Free Credits worth up to RM30 sets them apart from other betting sites.

5. Analyse the current game and the odds offered by the bookmaker

You need to pick a sportsbook for basketball betting that lets you watch the game and the betting odds simultaneously if you want to get to the exciting but important part of the game.

tips & tricks on basketball betting online

  • The betting odds, which are multiplied by your betting amount to determine your overall payout, can help you make more money no matter whatever sport you choose to wager on.
  • You should, therefore, place bets on larger odds; however, once you do, they cannot be withdrawn.
  • By making the most of your sportsbook’s live streaming feature, you should first monitor and assess if the team with the higher betting odds has a chance to win or not in order to prevent a significant shift in the odds.

6. Analyse the team stats that the bookmaker has provided

Keeping the aforementioned basketball betting advice in mind, it’s a good idea to be aware that your observations and predictions might not always line up. You might also take into account the information from previous games just to be positive.

  • Betting on basketball is easy, especially with a sportsbook like W88 Sportsbook which offers free game statistics for every match in one location.
  • You can determine which team is the underdog and more likely to win the match by looking at the previous statistics for both teams.
  • Furthermore, you could be able to compare and determine which side is stronger than the other with the use of these statistical charts.

7. Analyse the results of the teams’ previous meetings

You can find a variety of data when searching for statistical information on your online sportsbook. However, since it can take a while to analyze every match played by both teams in the past, you can only examine the matches that have already been played.

basketball betting tips & tricks to win real money

  • When you examine every piece of information from just the games that the two teams have played together, it’s referred to as a direct comparison between the two teams.
  • This is just another reason to do extensive research before choosing the best sportsbook for online betting since you should have instant access to all of this important information.
  • The gambler’s fallacy, which holds that a result is unlikely to occur again since it has already occurred several times in the past, must be avoided when analyzing such data because it is inevitable that one team will win more matches than the other most of the time.

8. Boost your bets during the game’s second half

In order to learn how to win at basketball betting online, it’s also critical to realize that the way you wager at sportsbooks counts. If you’re a beginner, the best strategy is to wager primarily on the second half of the game.

  • You already know that in order to place appropriate bets, you must observe the game, odds, and statistical data, but this requires time.
  • The best thing a beginner can do is watch what needs to be watched throughout the first part of the game and start placing bets during the second part of the play.
  • When you first start playing basketball online, it’s wise to start with the minimal betting rate offered by the sportsbook, even though you might want to spend more on the second half. Basketball betting is available at most sportsbooks, with minimum bets ranging from RM 2 to RM 5.

9. Avoid placing parley bets in the sportsbook

One of the expert betting tips for basketball games is that, despite the abundance of sports betting options available, novices should steer clear of specific betting options, one of which is the Parley betting system. You may win a lot of money using the Parley betting approach, but there’s a big risk involved.

tips on basketball betting online

  • Parley betting options need you to pay more money to place because they aggregate two or more bets into a single wager.
  • Additionally, the entire wager is void, and you will lose all of the money you used to place the bet if one of the betting alternatives does not win the wagers you placed under the parley bet.
  • As a beginner, you should stick to single basketball bets in the sportsbook, but if you use the data provided correctly, you might be able to win the parley bet with big winnings.

10. If your favorite team isn’t winning, don’t place a gamble

The most crucial and final piece of advice for succeeding at basketball betting is to proceed with caution when placing your wagers, especially if your favorite team is competing. It’s best to use odds and statistical data when placing bets if you want to win, and you should stay away from the team you prefer.

  • You won’t have to worry too much if you are an avid basketball fan because you already know which teams are good, and your preferred team will be on this list.
  • It is important to understand that some teams may be superior to your favorite, but this does not mean that you should stop cheering for them. This is similar to how it is with the players on the teams.
  • This implies that while placing a sports wager, you should refrain from placing a wager on your preferred team if you find that the other team has a higher chance of winning. Additionally, when placing an online basketball wager, you should maintain objectivity in your observations.


This article’s main topic was “10 Tips for Online Basketball Betting Using the Best Strategies Offered by Our W88tel.com Experts.” Making the correct choices is essential to winning, including choosing a trustworthy sportsbook and online betting site and placing bets on competitive teams. Nonetheless, small choices like setting a betting limit and obtaining sportsbook bonuses could help you increase your online wallet. Together, these ten suggestions will give you strategies for winning in basketball betting and keeping the most money in your pocket.

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