Zaha is Concentrated on Crystal Palace after Transfer Deal Falls Through

Crystal Palace’s forward Wilfried Zaha has been under the watchful eye of Arsenal and Everton which the 26-year-old has also shown interest in. However, despite his desires for playing in Champions League football, the 27-year-old player did his best to make a move. Zaha filed for a transfer request to try and get his football career somewhere but his dream move was not actualized and Palace decided to stand firm over their £80million valuation.

Zaha has been beloved by Roy Hodgson and his team, where he came into the pitch after substituting in Crystal Palace’s opening Premier League game against Everton at Selhurst Park. According to Crystal Palace’s 31-year-old central-midfielder James McArthur, Zaha has displayed a great attitude since returning to the fold.

In a statement he gave to the Evening Standard, Mac Arthur said, “He has accepted it and is fully committed to the squad, the team and the fans — look at the reception [they gave him], they appreciate everything he has done for this club. He is a brilliant lad.”

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