What is Rakeback in online poker? Earn rewards up to RM2,000

Ever heard the term Rakeback in poker? If not read this guide on what is Rakeback in online poker? Level up your poker adventure at W88 Malaysia & win RM2,000!

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Most online poker players begin their careers by just playing for enjoyment, with little concern for Rakeback. Only when players become more serious about their game do they begin to look at Rakeback deals and other ways to increase their income from online poker.

What is Rakeback in online poker?

To understand Rakeback, you must first learn rake. The rake is a percentage taken from each real-money pot by online poker sites like W88 poker GGMasters.

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It’s usually pretty little and only comes into play when a pot surpasses a specific amount. The simple re-distribution of those funds to loyal players is known as Rakeback. For example, a Rakeback of 10% means you’ll earn 10% of your rake back from the games you’re playing.

How does Rakeback in poker work?

When a portion of your rake is reimbursed to you in poker, this is known as “Rakeback”.

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  • Let’s imagine an online poker site like GGMasters provides a deal where every Monday returns 40% of the rake you’ve paid for a week.
  • So, let’s assume you’ve put in 40 hours of $1/$2 cash gameplay over a week. Imagine you paid $1,000 in rake to the poker room to keep things simple.
  • If GGMasters offers a 40% Rakeback deal, you’ll get $400 back in your account every Monday. This is referred to as “Rakeback.”
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3 Common Rakeback methods in online poker

Rakeback is the trick to collecting a piece of the rake you paid at the tables and dipping your hands into the site’s money. It’s a monetary appreciation from the poker room, and it lets you keep a portion of your assembled rake in your account. Rakeback is calculated in most poker rooms using one of 3 methods below:

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#1. Contributed Rakeback – This system bases your rake on the proportion of money you put into the pot.

  • For instance, If you stake $10 in a cash game and the rake at that poker site is 10%, you will pay $1 in rake for this hand.
  • On the other hand, a player receives $0.25 in Rakeback if the Rakeback offer is 25%.

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#2. Dealt Rakeback – In this case, who was dealt into the hand is more important than how much each player contributed. All of the players receive Rakeback.

  • For example, If you’re playing a cash game with 4 other players and the casino charges a 10% rake, the House will receive a $10 rake if the pot reaches $100.
  • With a 25% Rakeback agreement, the $10 is distributed evenly among all players dealt in the hand, giving you $0.50 in Rakeback.

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This isn’t the ideal option if you’re the aggressive player who wants to throw in a lot of money, but it’s a terrific option for the tight player who wants to sit tight and wait for a good premium hand.

#3. Progressive Rakeback – A mix of the 2, the Rakeback % is determined by the number of hands played or the amount of rake paid.

  • When a player is particularly active and plays a significant number of hands, their Rakeback % rises.
  • The higher the percentage a player receives back is proportional to the rake they create.

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6 Highlights – Why Rakeback in online poker is important?

  1. A poker Rakeback is a player loyalty program offered by W88 GGMasters.
  2. This poker Rakeback is a definitely perk for playing on that specific poker platform.
  3. A percentage of the rake or tournament fees is refunded to players.
  4. Rakeback in poker works similarly to cashback paid by credit card companies.
  5. Veteran players have begun to make use of poker Rakeback to increase their revenue or decrease their losses.
  6. Poker sites promise Rakeback offers if a participant participates in many poker events or hands.

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Now that you what is Rakeback in online poker, dipping your hands into the pool of collecting poker Rakeback may lead to a different poker journey, with some players eventually becoming what is known as a “Rakeback pro.” So signup at W88 Malaysia, grab your signup bonus & start playing poker to win big Rakeback!

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