Thailand and Malaysia Leading in the SEA Games with Gold Medals from Water Polo and Wushu

The first to bag gold in the controversial and much anticipated 2019 SEA Games in the Philippines went to Thailand and Malaysia. In its first roster, the two countries carried their gold medals with pride as Thailand took home gold for their superb performance in Women’s Water Polo, while Malaysia reigned supreme in Wushu’s Taolu Taijiquan’s discipline.

Singapore and the Philippines lost to Thailand’s impeccable performance at the Women’s Water Polo event. The golden team won three out of their four games and nailed the final spot on top, while silver was nabbed by Singapore in second place.

Brunei and the Philippines shared the podium with the leading team in Taolu Taijiquan. Brunei won gold for exemplary execution in the Taolu Nandao discipline, while Singapore peaked in the Taolu Changquan division. There’s much in store for sports fans following the SEA Games, as each SEA country battles it out to claim at least one out of the 131 medals up for grabs in this year’s SEA Games.

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