Top 12 memes on pregnancy woos no man is ever gonna understand

Many women all over the world have several funny and yet scary stories about pregnancy experiences. The one thing that they have in common is that something indeed magical comes out of their wombs after nine months of a roller coaster ride. Often, the way women eat, sleep, breathe, walk, and work will change over time and it’s never easy for anyone, but as strong pregnant women are, they soldier on. Below are memes that describe what pregnant women really think about or go through while a tiny human evolves inside of them.

12 Memes on the Humor and Horror of Pregnancy

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When your bladder is not suitable for going out yet

Reality always bites expectations

Job hunting because your last job had no maternity leave benefits

Kids having kids, am I right?

Husbands who complain while the pregnant wife is pushing <

That one moment of contemplation that happens thrice a day

Being torn between two things you love

The first two months are the hardest they said…

What nine months is really like when you’re pregnant

Cool millennial moms be like…

Remind me again why I have to eat for two?

That golden excuse to get fat

You never really glow

Finding ways to curb your pregnancy cravings and hormonal changes is next to impossible for many people. There’s always something new to expect in every stage of a trimester, but rest assured, as long as you’re reading those baby books and learning about the tiny life inside you growing, you’re bound to handle pregnancy well. Don’t stress what isn’t there yet!

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