Singapore Must Find a Way to Fight for their Place According to Coach Fandi Ahmad

With the semifinals coming up, Singapore struggles to solidify their stance in the Suzuki Cup and the ASEAN games in general. The Lions must acquire enough goals to ensure their chance of even qualifying. Singapore will have to do more than just follow their game plan and route visitors for six.

56-year-old former footballer, now Singapore head coach Fandi Ahmad is keen on fighting hard to stay in the league. “First and foremost, I’m happy to get all three points. The set-pieces worked well today and we live to fight another day.” 19-year-old midfielder Ikhsan Fandi said in a statement.

As Singapore sets in and has acquired their goals, a draw between the Philippines and Thailand went home with 1-1 tie. This places Singapore in a precarious situation needing to acquire a win against Thailand in Bangkok come Sunday to qualify for the top four.

There is also the plausible scenario of a draw between Singapore and Thailand, while fingers crossed Indonesia takes home the victory against the Philippines.

Fandi doesn’t find any excuses for complacency despite knowing the possibility of Singapore swinging the group standing. “I don’t want to depend on Indonesia because they are already out of the tournament. We won’t depend on anybody else except ourselves. It is about time we go out there and fight for our own lives.” Fandi adds.

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