Qatar Rank 38th Place after AFC Victory

The latest winners of the AFC Asian Cup have been celebrating their victory with the rest of the world now. Their latest AFC victory has moved Qatar up in the FIFA world rankings, landing the 38th spot from 55. The team has brought Qatar pride in the sport, highly satisfying and pleasing the Emir of Qatar himself who reportedly gave each player quite a congratulatory gift for taking home the championship cup.

Felix Sanchez’ team initially started playing in the cup throughout the years without exceeding the quarter-finals, reaching the last eight years back 1998 and 2011. Qatar hosted the cup for both years; further endorsing the nation’s potential to thrive in the sports industry and the sport of football.

Qatar may not have been a crowd favorite in this year’s AFC Asian Cup, but this did not stop them from victory, proving to be both an underdog and dark horse in the competition. The team won all seven of their games, accumulating a total of 19 goals, and only conceding in one match during the 3-1 final match over Japan.

Qatar’s win didn’t just rank the 38th on the FIFA list but also fifth in the AFC behind Iran, Japan, South Korea, and Australia. However, the top 20 teams in the FIFA list stay the same with Belgium, France, and Brazil still in their respective ranks in the top three.

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