Messi Reveals Truth that He Expected a Less Nerve-Shredding Game Against Nigeria  

After the big win against Nigeria, Argentina’s prime player Lionel Messi revealed that he was quite shocked that Nigeria actually pushed them harder than he expected to be pushed. In spite of what the 31-year-old’s admission, he still had the utmost confidence that victory will be Argentina’s this World Cup season.

The Barcelona played the match strong with quite a goal in the dramatic 2-1 win against Nigeria. Messi who recently turned 31 this past week stated that Nigeria’s 2-0 win over Iceland on Friday had been quite advantageous on his and Argentina’s part.

“We already knew we were going to win, we were confident that God would help us that, that all would turn out well.”

Messi adds that “we did not expect the complication of the draw, to suffer so much. What’s important is that we went through.”

Argentina’s next match will be against France on Saturday, June 30 in Kazan Arena.

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