World Cup Champions No More: Germany Shocks and Disappoints Fans

Reigning World Cup champions Germany has officially lost their chance of scoring a fourth World Cup championship trophy. Losing to South Korea last Wednesday, June 27 at the group stage of the Cup with a score of 2-0 has definitely left the world shocked, most especially Germany and their fans.

Germany’s head coach Joachim Low and his men have fallen short of delivery and execution in last Wednesday’s game, leading to elimination after 80 years participating in the World Cup. South Korea who brought home victory leading 2-0 was due to two superb goals in the second half of match.

“This is a very, very bitter evening for us, for German football and for all Germany fans” Hummels revealed in a statement. The Bayern Munich central defender was obviously devastated by their team’s performance expressing it with a sad emoji and “sorry” on Twitter.

Low admitted that Germany did deserve to lose the first round of the World Cup since 1939 because of their lack of strategy and performance. “We did have a plan, we just didn’t implement it” Low adds. For the first time in a while, Germany decided to lean on luck and their previous titles revealing complacent gameplay and execution.

“We had a lot of chances, but we weren’t clinical. We weren’t at ease with ourselves.” Low says. The world’s new underdog which is South Korea definitely took a toll on the World Cup champs and forced some reevaluation of direction and motivation.

Team captain Manuel Neuer also expressed his disappointment and believed that it was only right that Germany was eliminated too. “We deserved to be eliminated. We didn’t convince in any game. This was not the Germany we know. It was pathetic.”

Social media was also off the charts as Germany lost their chance to win their fourth cup. The official account of the German National Team was left stunned themselves and tweeted at how they were “speechless” by the loss.

Contrary to the fans all over social media, local media publications in Germany were quite brutal on paper criticizing the team’s lack of hunger during the Cup. Headlines like “A historic disgrace” were published in the paper. The upheaval caused by Germany’s loss even led to fans fuming at Mesut Ozil with unpleasant screaming and fouls gestures.

Mexico will be playing against the winner of Group E, Brazil, Serbia or Switzerland. Second place will then go against Sweden, while Germany simply backs away and goes home.

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