FIFA World Cup 2018 Series: 2014 World Cup Champions Flopped Against Mexico 0-1  

The 2014 FIFA World Cup champion Germany has faced quite the flop during the opening match against Mexico. The four-time World Cup champion had quite the embarrassing encounter against underdog Mexico, shocking the whole world with the loss.

Mexico’s manager Juan Carlos Osorio may not be the most favored manager and that is not an unpopular opinion. The 57-year-old former footballer who happens to be Colombian doesn’t please any of the players and people of Mexico. Although, despite such revulsion, it is thanks to him that the team has beaten a World Cup champion team during an opening match.

The Manchester City coach devised a meticulous six-month plan that won them an opening match. Strategy and precision weren’t enough to gain the winning goal. The extent of Germany’s security measures can only go so far but not so far and impenetrable, that Osorio was able to crack it.

Mexico’s Hirving Lozano was responsible for scoring the goal that led the team to victory. The shock and thrill-inducing kick sent out waves of ecstasy creating quite a strong jolt from the audience members pounding the ground with their jubilant stomps.

Renewed Reputation

Osorio has quite a notorious reputation that has faced multiple calls asking him to step down as coach from the minute he was appointed coach almost three years ago. Many call him the “tinkerman” who would boldly use 50 players in 50 matches. Osorio also has the tendency to be over-analytical and despite the racial bias, Colombian in nature.

Since last December’s World Cup draw, Osorio took notice of Germany’s strong but slow defenders. He also adds that “Due to injuries we had to change some of our key players at the last minute, but we always thought about two quick men on the wing.”

According to the Manchester City coach, he believes that the best form of defense is through an attack which was strappingly executed when he left three forwards on the halfway line when defending set-pieces.

Mexico showed astounding execution when the team made 13 shots in the first 30 minutes of the game, with Javier Hernandez leading the team to a strong start. Hirving Lozano was able to own the ball wide left in the box prior to checking inside to go past Manuel Neuer.

The second half of the match was rather slow for Mexico as they failed to stay consistent, slowing down momentum against Germany. Miguel Lawyun went twice getting close to extending Mexico’s lead, eventually leaving Germany susceptible to a counter attack.

Mexico plays against South Korea on June 23, Saturday, while Germany will be playing against Sweden on Monday, June 24.

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