11 of the Worst Outfits Worn in the Coachella Music Festival  

Music festivals have been making a comeback from the Woodstock era of the seventies. Some of the most popular festivals include Tomorrowland, Glastonbury, Burning Man, and of course, Coachella. These big music events are well-known in the Western side of the world. Aside from great music line-ups, fashionable outfits and get-ups are what make Coachella a trademark event.

Since Coachella is greatly in tune with valley culture, the Indio-hippy aesthetic is highly exhibited in festival-goers’ style. Seeing the way music and style are juxtaposed among a group of fun loving people who come from all over the world is truly entertaining. Although getting the right aesthetic can be tricky, some tend to overdo the fashion and just end up looking messy in drab clothes. Here are eleven Coachella outfits that people have worn to the music festival and have probably received quite the criticism for it?

11 Horrid Coachella Outfits not to be Worn Ever Again

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A banana floaty is so not an accessory, most especially with galaxy printed yoga pants…

No to the bizarre headgear!!!

Where do you even start…?

Spandex on a hot summer day…. No!

Flower power might be dead

When it just doesn’t make any sense

Knight in no shining armor

Does this give you any baking with sprinkles vibe?

Again, no to the headgear, no matter how cute a panda is!

The mummy look could’ve just stayed buried and dead

Too much knit and pink to even fathom

All about the Music and Fun

Most Coachella goers tend to lose the whole point of the event, having fun and listening to great live music is what Coachella is all about. The fashion is secondary to the nature of Coachella, but dressing up fly and fierce is never an issue, be you, stay true and just absorb all the positive energy. It’s Coachella, for Pete’s sake!

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