Diego Costa is Finally Entertaining Talks with Everton with Summer Exit Nearing

30-year-old Atletico Madrid striker, Diego Costa is finally acknowledging talk time with Everton, after two years away from the Premier League. Diego Simeone’s team is anticipating Joao Felix and Alvaro Morata’s permanent deal meant Costa’s adjustment to leave Atletico. Back in 2017, Costa was close to joining Everton, with tensions rising at Atletico, the striker is keener to consider Everton once his summer contract expires.

Costa has been a hot-head in the last few months, displaying problematic behavior on the field. He was reportedly banned from 8 games last season for insulting a referee during a heated exchange in a match against Barcelona.

The footballer sparks controversy constantly, making quite the noise ever since his time at Chelsea. However, despite his need for anger management classes, the 30-year-old Brazilian has exhibited quite the performance, bringing home Premier League titles for both Jose Mourinho and Antonio Conte during his stay at Stamford Bridge. His stay with the teams led to a tension-filled departure to Brazil where he accused the club of treating him like a “criminal.”

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