Daniel James Says Things Aren’t OK at Manchester United

21-year-old kid phenom that is Daniel James who plays winger for Ole Gunnar Sloksjaer’s team is coming forward with a statement revealing how the team’s form is not ideal at these times. The 21-year-old does assure United fans that he is capable enough to withstand the mental and physical toughness of playing in top-level competitions.

With the coming Europe 2020 qualifiers against Slovakia and Croatia, Manchester United’s chance of renewing themselves since their poor outlandish performance in the Premier League this past season seems to be slow and steady at this point. James also happens to represent Wales as a winger in the Wales national team which he believes won’t get in the way of his ambitions at United.

As the kid becomes a quick key player and country player, he insists people should not be worried and that being transparent is all it takes to achieve their peak performance at any given game. ‘In the Premier League, this season a lot of clubs have young squads showing what they can do. I’ve always dealt with things in exactly the same way.

“It was the same when I was at Swansea and things weren’t going so well. It’s important in football to react when things aren’t going so well. It’s alright when things are going good, but it’s important to deal with things when it’s bad.” James said.

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