7 Memes that Questionably Takes Place Inside the Dressing Room

The mall and shopping is one place that people can’t get away from during a sale. The best of the best deals can be found in an H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Macy’s and other retail brands that are acclaimed for mass consumerism. Dressing rooms are often crowded by people who are either hoarding clothes or fitting one special piece they can’t decide whether to buy or not. Nevertheless, sometimes it can be used for something more than just fitting clothes in. Below are some memes which relate to the realities of what really takes place inside a dressing room.

7 Memes that Truly Describe Dressing Room Madness

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When stores miss the point of a “private” dressing room

When your mom is the one paying for your new outfit

Your own guard is way up high especially when trying on lingerie

This is why you make up at home

That one friend who just got out of a relationship and is shopping for retail therapy

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The one technique sales clerks should be wary of

Keeping it Classy

Sometimes people need to be reminded that not everywhere is a place to drop a bomb in. Dressing rooms, despite the seclusion and well, a place to strip and change clothing in, is still considered a public place where no one should be doing questionable things in. Stay safe and keep it clean and classy folks!

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