Tammy Abraham’s Mom Affected by Vile Racist Abuse Online Post Super Cup Loss

Tammy Abraham, Chelsea’s 21-year-old striker made the headlines online after the controversial match against Liverpool, where the latter brought home the victory. This caused a stir online with the online football community dragging Abraham to the point of racially attacking the player on Twitter and social media. This drastically took a toll not just on Abraham himself, but even reduced his mother to tears.

Chelsea’s 21-year-old striker missed the divisive kick in a penalty shootout which eventually finished with Liverpool’s victory celebration in-stadium at Istanbul. The loss subjected the player as the point person to blame, with Abraham recalling the painful event with CNN, saying, “I remember speaking to my mum, she was emotional, she was in tears, she was just thinking, “Why him”. It’s obviously not nice, seeing your son getting abused.”

“For me, I am a strong character, it doesn’t affect me as much, but it could affect people who don’t have my personality,” Abraham added. The 21-year-old may have risked the championship trophy for Liverpool, but luckily Frank Lampard, Abraham’s manager is always there to keep him motivated and focused despite setbacks, along with his teammates; something he said was ‘exactly what I needed’ to get through a loss.

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