How to play rock paper scissors game at W88 – Get RM30 free

Rock paper scissor holds a fuzzy nostalgic spot in everyone’s heart. Revive them by learning how to play rock paper scissors at W88 Malaysia with RM30 free cash!

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W88 now offers more thrilling games, such as fishing – Lucky Fish, Crazy Fishing, and so on, in addition to games at online casinos. There’s also a brand-new set of games, such as The Ladder and Rock Paper Scissors.

What is W88 rock paper scissors game?

The fundamentals of W88 Rock Paper Scissors are very similar to those of the actual game. It entails picking one of the 3 elements: rock, paper, and scissors.

Play Like A Pro: How to Play W88 Rock Paper Scissors

The only difference is that before the timer runs out, you are placing an actual bet on whatever you choose to play in. It’s also a fast-paced W88 game, requiring players to be quick and precise.

3 Basic W88 rock paper scissors rules

The rules are straightforward, and you may recall them from your childhood. Below are the 3 main rules you need to keep in mind while playing a rock paper scissor game.

  • If you pick Rock you will win against Scissors but lose to Paper.
  • If you pick Scissors you will win against Paper but lose to Rock.
  • If you pick Paper you will win against Rock but lose against Scissors.

Super easy right? Scroll down to begin your favorite rock paper scissor at W88 now.

3 Steps on how to play rock paper scissors at W88

The rock paper scissors under the games section are available to all W88 members and is the best choice for those searching for a quick win at a fun and simple game. In just 3 easy steps, learn how to play rock paper scissors at W88.

Step 1: Go to the W88 official website & login

  • The game is simple to grasp, and you can begin playing instantly. 
  • If you want to play W88 Rock Paper Scissors for real money, you must first do a W88 register or log in to your account. 

W88-rock paper scissors-04


  • Then select the Games option & pick the Rock Paper Scissors game.
  • However, if you have never played this game before, then W88you recommends you choose “Try Now” before “Play Now”.

Step 2: Select minimum bet limit of RM 1

Now that you have entered the world of W88 rock paper scissors, you need to select your preferred bet limit & then proceed.

W88-rock paper scissors-01

W88you suggests you choose the minimum bet limit is RM1 to avoid massive losses in the beginning.

Step 3: Start betting at W88 rock paper scissors

Once you’ve decided how much you want to wager and which hand you want to bet on (rock, paper, scissors), click “Confirm” and wait for the confirmation to show before continuing.

And remember:

  • Rock beats scissors
  • Scissors beats paper and
  • Paper beats rock


W88-rock paper scissors-02

Hope you have read the rules mentioned above to avoid making a muddle later. Once the bets are placed, wait for the round to happen. You will get your return amount instantly if you win the game.

3 mistakes to avoid while playing W88 rock paper scissors

The setup of the game is clear & simple to grasp, providing members enough time to place their bets. You must know that a small mistake can lead to a big loss. Below are the 3 mistakes to avoid while playing W88 rock paper scissors.

Play Like A Pro: How to Play W88 Rock Paper Scissors

1. Playing every round – It’s completely okay not to bet every round you play. Take your time, understand the gameplay & then place your bets wisely. Do not rush while placing bets.

2. Starting with big bets – Most common mistakes made by beginners. Betting a large sum to win more. Begin with a small bet & then raise depending on your bankroll. Also not pour all your money on a single bet with greed to make more money.

2. Not setting bank limits – Games like rock paper scissors are fast-paced & engaging games. One can fall into the trap & fail to come out leading to financial crises. Always set a bankroll & make sure to gamble within the limit.

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W88 Rock Paper Scissors game is a classic childhood activity that has become a worldwide wonder. The dynamics of the game are simple, the only challenge is to be able to make quick decisions as you place strategic bets. When it comes to leisure & entertainment, W88 offers a variety of games for all members to play, ranging from beginner to advanced. Become a member today and enjoy W88 gaming like never before!

Tutorial Video on How to Play Rock Paper Scissors in W88 Games

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