W88 Archives: Conducting a Funds Transfer in a Jiffy

W88 is all about maximizing every member’s gaming experience.  The variety of games and betting platforms w88 brings to its players makes online gaming easy, convenient and up to date with the latest features and design. Putting in money and taking money out can be done in just a few minutes. W88 also has a “Transfer” option that helps players to move money around their game wallets.

Making a funds transfer in w88 is quick and easy. It won’t even take you 10 minutes to transfer money from one wallet to another. Even during a game when you run out of money, there is always a “Quick Transfer” button on the screen so you can easily put more money into your wallet.

Navigation and Speed

Locating the funds-transfer option on the w88 interface can be done by clicking on the “Fund $” button on the upper right corner of the screen, below the Deposit button. Click “Transfer” among the drop down options to proceed. Once you proceed you will be brought to your account where all your gaming wallets and the corresponding amounts in them are shown.

In the bottom-most part of the page, you will see the deposit and transfer slip. When I say the procedure is quick and easy, it can literally be done right before you drive off to work or enter your office.

No Minimum or Maximum Amount of Transfer

Just select which wallet you want to transfer money to, usually, I transfer funds from my main wallet where the rest of my playing money is stored. I usually play slot games and live casino games so I transferred money to my club wallet where all the live casino, slot games, and lottery games take money from.

There is no maximum or minimum amount of input in the transfer slip. Once you put the amount you wish to transfer, you may put the bonus code you’ve claimed from the promotions page and then click Submit to finish.

There is a confirmation message that will appear above the Submit button saying your transfer went through. If you have conducted a funds transfer during a live casino game, the window will close and return to your game where you can place bets once again and adjust your buy-in amount.

This is one of my favorite features in w88 which definitely helps me maximize my gaming experience. When I play baccarat or poker in a live casino, I usually end up playing until midnight not noticing how little I have left in my gaming wallet.

Especially during an intense game where I am up against one last player during the river and I am about to raise, but I end up having the insufficient balance to raise my bets, the funds-transfer button is a lifesaver.

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