Ranked! Top 5 football defenders in world | Center back 2024

Defenders are the brick wall of every football team. We have ranked the top 5 football defenders in the world 2024. Read now to reveal the best defenders!

5 Best football defenders in the world 2024

A defender should anticipate a midfielder’s moves and outrun a striker. A defender’s job is extremely difficult. When confronted with a deadly striker, one must be courageous and brave.

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Defenders should be completely focused on the field and capable of making quick decisions when defending. The top 5 best defenders in the world are listed below. You may also read about the top 10 football attackers in the world.

1. Ruben Dias – Portuguese

  • Country – Portuguese
  • Club – Manchester City
  • Height – 1.86m
  • Age – 24

Ruben Dias has looked like he was destined to play in Manchester City’s backline. He’s composed on the ball, dominant in his position, and the defensive leader that the Citizens have been missing since Vincent Kompany kissed the club goodbye.

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  • It’s uncommon that a centre-back is so universally adored, so fearsomely unbeatable, and so clearly one of the season’s standout performers. Dias is all 3 at the same time.
  • He is the basis upon which City will continue to grow for many years to come.

2. Marquinhos – Brazil

  • Country – Brazil
  • Club – Paris Saint-Germain(PSG)
  • Height – 1.83m
  • Age – 27

Although center-back is not a position that most people connect with Brazilian footballers, Marquinhos has followed in the footsteps of Lucio, Aldair, Luis Perieira, and former PSG teammate Thiago Silva as a defensive rock.

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  • Even among a team of galacticos like Mbappe, Verrati, and Neymar, his technical ability and quickness make him stand out.
  • The PSG captain, an elegant defender with a Brazilian’s comfort on the ball, scored 3 times in Ligue 1 and the Champions League.
  • He also scored for Brazil in the first game of their Copa America campaign, where they conceded only 2 goals on their path to the final.

3. Thiago Silva – Brazil

  • Country – Brazil
  • Club – Chelsea FC
  • Height – 1.83m
  • Age – 36

Thiago Silva is one of the best players on the Brazilian national team. He is without a doubt one of the top defenders in the world. The driving force behind Paris Saint-Germain was Silva.

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  • The renowned Fluminense and AC Milan defender is one of the most well-rounded players in football.
  • Combining power, intelligence, and high levels of talent to create an extraordinary defender.
  • He was a true club legend, leading them on their incredible journey to European superclub status.
  • The Brazilian is currently at Chelsea, where he won the European title with Thomas Tuchel, his former PSG coach, and is vying for the Premier League crown this season.

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4. Virgil van Dijk – Netherlands

  • Country – Netherlands
  • Club – Liverpool FC
  • Height – 1.93m
  • Age – 30

Virgil Dijk is a Dutch football defender who plays as a center-back for Liverpool in the Premier League and captains the Netherlands national team.

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  • He’s a defender who knows how to analyze his own technique and strike at the right moment.
  • It’s incredible how fast he can move, given his big frame.
  • Van Dijk is one of the top defenders in the world, with a reputation for dominance, leadership, and aerial skill.

5. Kalidou Koulibaly – Senegal

  • Country – Senegal
  • Club – Napoli FC
  • Height – 1.87m
  • Age – 30

Another defender we can’t leave off this list is Koulibaly. Kalidou Koulibaly is the captain of Senegal’s national team and a professional footballer for Serie A club Napoli.

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  • Before joining Belgian club Genk in 2012, Koulibaly began his professional club career with the Metz French team, where he won the Belgian Cup in its first season.
  • With a combination of huge power, pace, aggressiveness, amazing control, and a wonderful crossing point, Koulibaly is one of the best football defenders in the world.
  • Napoli supporters have called him “The Wall.

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Top football defenders – The wall of a football team

Picking the top 5 football defenders in the world is a difficult process, with opinions radically different depending on personal preference. The fundamental task of any football defender is to make the initial break against the other team’s attack. They not only support the midfielders by distributing the ball to them, but they also block the opposition’s attack.

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