Thai Club Ratchaburi Signs with Philippine Team’s Manuel Ott

Thai League 1 Ratchaburi Mitr Phol FC is opening its doors to new transfer Manuel Ott from the Philippines. The 26-year-old German-Filipino player is the new center midfielder for Ratchaburi according to the latest transfer news.

Ott made significant appearances at the AFC Asian Cup just recently where he represents the national team of the Philippines. The German Filipino footballer has accumulated a total of 50 appearances for the senior team of his home country. Ott also has prior experience playing for major teams in Europe, specifically in FC Ingolstadt II in Germany. His most recent playing experience was with Southeast Asian football in Ceres-Negros.

Although there are no specifics yet on the transfer figures, the Thai League is anticipating quite the addition and surely, the 26-year-old is on his way to make some notable appearances at his new club side Ratchaburi.

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