Saudi Arabia’s Coach Juan Antonio Pizzi Expresses His Desire to Win the Championship Title for AFC Cup

One of the crowd favorites of the AFC Asian Cup this 2019 has to be Saudi Arabia. The team’s coach Juan Antonio Pizza is confident and eagerly eyeing for the championship title. He continues to lead his boys with inspiration and motivation, Pizzi shares in a pre-match interview that a secure spot in the qualifiers is not going to stop them from winning all three points.

“I have never played a match in anticipation of who our next opponents will be and that is exactly how we will go into the match tomorrow. “We have maximum confidence in the players and have no preference as to who we could play in the Round of 16. We have the ambition to win the title and every match is equally difficult.” according to Pizzi.

Pizzi may be 100% confident Saudi Arabia can take any challenger on, they will still have to consider the impeccable playing strength of Qatar. The highly anticipated match will take place on Thursday at the ZSC Stadium in Abu Dhabi. This will be the first game the two nations play since the highly controversial and major diplomatic crisis Saudi Arabia and Qatar back in 2017. Qatar Football Association’s media officer, Ali Al Salat told Al Jazeera, “We want to win this match, not because of the political matters but to get the topic of the table.”

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