Promotion Update: Make the Most Out of E-Sports with Premier League’s Emile Heskey

When people play online games, especially one that includes betting with real money, players expect more than just free registration. It is common for many online game operators to give new players promos and bonuses to claim after registering for an account. W88 is one of such game operators giving beginners instant bonuses they can claim upon sign in. These promotions are updated on a weekly to monthly basis.

Some W88 promotions that can be claimed instantly are found in sportsbook and slot games. Live casino and arcade games also hold rebates and bonuses for avid players who wish to play ladder, baccarat, and roulette among others. Here are three new sports promotions you can claim at w88 today.

2 Sports Promotions to Claim for the Month of May

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E-Sports Soccer Tournament

  • Valid from May 1-31, 2018
  • Applicable to all w88 members who have place bets on soccer in e-Sports with handicap and over/under bet types
  • Betting members will earn 1 tournament point when they accumulate more than RM 60 in fulltime handicap (full match or in-running) winnings on a single qualifying match
  • Betting members will earn 1 tournament point when they accumulate more than RM 60 in fulltime over/under (full match or in running) winnings on a single qualifying match
  • Daily cut off time is at 12:00 PM where the leaderboard will be updated right after
  • The following leagues are the only qualifiers to earn a tournament point
  • England: Premier League
  • Spain: La Liga
  • Italy: Serie A
  • Germany: Bundesliga 1
  • France: Ligue 1
  • Friendly International
  • AFC Champions League
  • Australia: League A
  • Japan: J-League 1
  • China – Super League
  • Claiming this promotion isn’t exactly necessary since it will automatically be applied to all valid bets
  • This type of promotion may be combined with other existing promos
  • The following are the prizes qualifying members may win:


  • Valid from May 1 to 31, 2018
  • Valid only for claiming for those players with betting tickets from e-Sports
  • Members must bet on weekly matches analysis only given by W88 Brand Ambassador Emile Heskey
  • 6% Bonus will be calculated from the member betting amount
  • Only the winning ticket will qualify for the bonus and the ticket should have a minimum bet of RM 128 to get extra bonus 6% maximum payout RM 118.
  • Contact customer support via live chat to provide your username and bet ID to claim this promo
  • This bonus will automatically be applied to member’s account every Tuesday
  • Only one ticket can be claimed per week
  • This bonus requires a 1-time rollover in e-Sports prior to any withdrawals

It’s As Simple as 1-2-3

If you’re a superb sports fan and is constantly at the W88 Sportsbook, this promotion is your chance to get a solid prize from all your consistent sports gambling. Wagering on your favorite team, sporting event or tournament is made possible at W88 Sports. With numerous promotions, rebates, and bonuses that make every member’s gaming experience one to remember, an autographed jersey is just the icing on top of a fantastic cake.

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