Paralympics 2020: Bonnie Bags Gold – Malaysia Powerlifting

Malaysian Powerlifting Camp Bonnie Bunyau Gustin wins gold at Paralympics 2020. Bonnie at 22 made Malaysia proud by lifting 228kg in the men’s 72kg category.

Paralympics 2020 – Bonnie Bunyau the Hero of Malaysia

The performance of Malaysia’s first gold medalist at the Tokyo Paralympics by powerlifter Bonnie Bunyau Gustin was a proud moment in Malaysian history. It was the country’s first medal in Tokyo and the greatest performance in powerlifting.

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Bonnie, a Sarawak resident, defeated the Paralympic record at 228kg while his main competitors faltered, forging powerlifting’s biggest achievement for Malaysia. Heartfelt compliments have been pouring in for the 22-year-old on all walks of life from Malaysians.

He also beat Iraqi Rasool Mohsin’s Paralympic Games record of 227kg, which he set in Rio 2016, by lifting 228kg in his third attempt on the first day of the competition.

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Siow Lee Chan was the only Malaysian to earn a medal in powerlifting in Beijing in 2008 when she took bronze in the women’s 56kg event.

Bonnie was the last of the 10 competitors to take the stage, and he had no issue lifting 217kg on his first attempt (squat).

At 225kg, the Sarawak native went for the second lift (bench press). Bonnie went on to lift 228kg (deadlift) to successfully break the Paralympics record held by Iran’s Rasool Mohsin by 1kg.

Bonnie made his Father’s Dream come true – What a Journey!

Bonnie Bunyau Gustin is living the life of a celebrity. Bonnie’s father Jenang Gustin dreamt of his son becoming a world and Paralympic champion several years ago.

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Gustin, who was a junior athlete, got his moment of triumph in the Nur-Sultan 2019 World Para Powerlifting Championships, where he stunned everyone by winning two world titles. Something that will help him get closer to his Paralympic ambitions.
Gustin began his powerlifting career at an early age, following his father to the Kuching training center.

“I’m overjoyed to be able to fulfill his (father) goal. His ambition was for me to become a world and Paralympic champion. I made a pledge to myself that I would fulfil his goal”. He stated, “The journey has just begun.”

“Now I want to win a Paralympic gold medal for him,” said the athlete. I’ll have to work harder in the gym,” he continued. And he quickly picked up on the complexities of the sport.

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Jenang was an international para powerlifter who competed at the 2010 World Championships in Kuala Lumpur, and his older brother Bryan Junancey Gustin was a national athlete.

Gustin dropped out of school to focus solely on powerlifting after falling in love with the sport. And as a result, he began to see results. Gustin began his international career by winning gold at the 2017 Fazza World Cup in Dubai, after winning the National Junior Championships.

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Bonnie’s Hardwork Paid off – Jamil Adam (coach)

When the national powerlifting camp took a tremendous risk and it paid off big time, Bonnie Bunyau Gustin won the country’s first gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympics, the phrase “no risk, no gain” was proven true.

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“He is continuously striving for gold. And he goes after it without hesitation; he is a strong-willed and resilient individual. This is also why he was able to defeat Paralympic champions in Nur-Sultan,” said Gustin’s coach, Jamil Adam, who has been working with him for the past six years.

Bonnie’s accomplishment, Jamil hopes, will inspire the country’s other powerlifter. Bonnie has a bright future, according to him, and is capable of defending her gold medal at the 2024 Paralympics in Paris.

Bonnie’s victory is significant for the Malaysian contingent and an incentive to fellow athletes pursuing more gold at the world’s most prestigious athletic event.

Bonnie Bunyau Gustin – Malaysia Powerlifting Highlights Video

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