Manchester City’s Leroy Sane Eagerly Eyed by Bayern Munich

Looks like Manchester City’s Leroy Sane is in high demand by Niko Kovac’s side. The 23-year-old German winger has been making an impression on Bayern Munich who is keen on working up a deal with Manchester City for the footballer. There are still some other terms and conditions being processed and discussed in the process which Sane himself haven’t given a green light yet. However, Bayern Munich’s proposal is something the 23-year-old is not repellant too.

The young football star’s skills on the field are no question, but the same can’t be said regarding his attitude. According to Daily Mail, the player was benched and unused in a match last Sunday against Brighton, showing the player’s obvious disappointment and demeanor.

Sane’s contract has a validity of two more years and was signed in City for £ 37 million back in 2016. Arsenal on the other hand also seeks interest in Bayern Munich’s midfielder Joe Aribo who has a contract that is bound to expire sooner than Sane’s. Nothing sure is determined yet but talks are in the works for both players and much more is yet to come in the next few days.

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