How to Play Fish Prawn Crab Dice Game for Real Money or free

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Playing online casino games is fun, however, if you use a site like W88, you can get experience not only cool classic casino games online but also some of the best virtual games you can play to win real money easily! One such game you will find in the game room, which is also a worldwide mostly played casino virtual game, is the Fish Prawn Crab game online. So, without further ado, let’s look into the easiest way to learn how to Fish Prawn Crab Dice Game Online for Real Money.

Understanding the Basics of the Fish Prawn Crab Game Rules Online

Before we get into the tutorial of how to play the fish prawn crab game online for real money, let us look into the Fish Prawn Crab Game Rules and other basic things you should know about to play this online virtual game at W88. Understanding the Fish Prawn Crab Game Online is very easy and as you learn more you will find that playing this game can be more entertaining that the live dealer casino games. This is because the rules and betting options of the game are very simple to understand and carry out.


  • The basic objective of the Fish Prawn Crab game is to predict the outcome, which is the face value, of the three dice after the virtual dealer shakes a dish containing them.
  • There are mainly 6 symbols you can bet on which are Fish, Prawn, Crab, Chicken, Gourd and Stag. The three dice which predict the outcome of the game all have these symbols on each side of them as well.
  • Although there are 6 Symbols, there are 7 betting options. 6 of them are for the aforementioned symbols and the 7th betting option is to predict a combination where all the 3 dice have the same symbol.
  • In the 7th betting option, you do not have to bet on a particular symbol as it could be any symbol as long as all three dice have the same symbol.

Lastly, it is important to remember that the payout of the Fish Prawn Crab game matters the most, because depending on how many times your symbol appears in the outcome, the higher you can get paid. If you want to know how you can ensure wins with every round then check out our Fish Prawn Crab Strategies article to win higher payouts.

  • Single: If your symbol appears on one dice, you will get double what your betting stake was in return as the payout here is x2.
  • Double: If the symbol you placed a bet on appears on two dice, you will get x3.5 times your betting stake.
  • Triple: If your symbol appears on all three dice of the game, which would be cool, then your payout would be 6 times your betting stake.
  • Any Triple: Lastly, if you use the Any Triple betting option, then you can receive a payout of 34.80 times your betting stake since this is definitely considered to be pure luck.

Learn How to Play Fish Prawn Crab Game at W88 in 3 Easy Steps

Now that you have understood the basics of the Fish Prawn Crab Game online, let us take a look at the most and easiest part of the article and that is how to play the Fish Prawn Crab Dice Game at W88, one of Asia’s biggest online betting site.

Step 1: Log in to W88 and Select the Fish Prawn Crab Online Game Room

  • The first thing you will need to do to play the Fish Prawn Crab game is to create an account in the W88 Register online by clicking on ‘Join‘.
  • Doing so would take you to the W88 Registration Form where you must enter your account details accurately and top t off by entering a unique username and strong password as your login credentials.


  • Then you must click on ‘Login‘ and enter your login credentials to successfully sign into your W88 account on the official website.
  • Once done, you must click on ‘Games‘ which will be available in the ribbon menu on the homepage of the W88 site.
  • Here you will find many games however, you must click on ‘Fish Prawn Crab‘ to enter the game room.

Step 2: Set a Betting Limit According to Your Budget

  • When you enter the Fish Prawn Crab Room in the W88 Games domain, you will notice that the game room has visually pleasing effects which would appeal to beginner and pro players likewise.
  • Another thing which would appeal to beginners and pros would be the betting limit in the Fish Prawn Crab Game Online Room where you can set your betting limits according to the budget.


  • So, from the given option, select your preferred betting limit and move on to the last and final step of the How to play fish prawn crab tutorial.
  • Here, we have decided to play with the lowest available betting rate as that is the best casino tip to follow.

Step 3: Place Your Bets in the Fish Prawn Crab Game Online To Win

  • Now, remembering the objective of the game and some helpful Fish Prawn Crab Tips, you must place your bets in the Fish Prawn Crab Game Room and wait for the outcome of the game.
  • As mentioned, the Fish Prawn Crab game takes place quickly and so it is important to make the correct betting decisions on the spot. You can do this by referring to the past result table in the game room.


  • When it comes to placing bets in the game room, you can select your betting stake from the available casino chips given below and click on your preferred betting option.
  • Once done, you must click on ‘Confirm‘ to lock your bets and wait for the virtual dealer to reveal the 3 dice.

Real-Money Fish Prawn Crab Game Online to Understand the Gameplay

To help you understand the Fish Prawn Crab gameplay in a better way, let us take a look at a real-money Fish Prawn Crab game online using W88’s game room. With this tutorial and gameplay betting round, you will be equipped with the necessary knowledge to place your bets in any Fish Prawn Crab Dice Game Room Online.

ROUND 1 – Select a Betting Option and Confirm Your Bets

  • Before you are allowed to make bets in the Fish Prawn Crab game room, the virtual dealer will shake the bowl and place it on the table. Only then you can place your bets before the 20 seconds timer goes off.
  • As mentioned above, to place your bets, you must select your betting stake from the options given below and then select a betting option.


  • Here we have selected the Gourd symbol and placed an RM0.5 Bet on it. By doing this, we can click on confirm to lock our bets and wait for the live dealer to reveal the outcome of the Fish Prawn Crab game round.

ROUND 2 – Wait for the Virtual Dealer to Reveal the Outcome

  • Round 2 of the betting round begins as soon as the timer hits 00. Here, the Virtual Dealer will open the dish to reveal the outcome.
  • Since we placed our bets on the Gourd Symbol if the symbol appears on one die, we will win double what we have bet, if it appears on two dice then we will win 3.5 times more of what we bet, and it appears on all three dice then we will win 6 times of our betting stake.


  • As you can see, the results of the game show the three symbols on the dice which are a Gourd, Chicken, and Prawn.
  • Since the Gourd Symbol, our betting option appeared once, meaning we won the doubled amount of our betting stake RM0.5, which is RM1.

Top 3 Casino Game Tips to Keep in Mind Before Playing Fish Prawn Crab

Now that we are almost at the end of this easy How to play fish prawn crab article, let us look into the top 3 casino tips you should adhere to increase your winning chances in any Fish Prawn Crab Game Online. Using this along with our tutorial would make the entire game easy to win for you in no time!

  1. Make Use of Bonus Promotion: The first thing that you must do as soon as you join any online betting site is to look for the welcome bonus promotion and apply for it to boost your betting account with a huge amount of bonus cash offers. Since we introduced W88 as the go-to gambling site for Fish Prawn crab games online, the W88 Promotion is something you definitely should check out. At W88, you can get a bonus of up to RM600 on all W88 Live Casino and Slot Game products.
  2. Observe the Game Play: The second important betting rule you should follow is to observe the gameplay before placing your bets online. Doing so would give you an idea of which symbol appears the most and which one does not, meaning you can make immediate decisions on which Fish Prawn Crab betting option you should go for to increase your winning rate.
  3. Use Minimum Betting Amount: Lastly, as you have seen above that the fish prawn crab game room at W88 offers you betting limit options you can select from, so from these it is wise to always play with the lowest minimum betting rate especially as a beginner since this is a time where you will be developing your gambling strategies by making many trials and errors with the bets you place online. Thus, using the minimum betting stake to do so would help you experience fewer losses.

In Conclusion

So, this was all about the How to Play Fish Prawn Crab Dice Game for real money tutorial and we hope that we have been helpful enough for you to go ahead and place your bet on online casino virtual game rooms like W88. Remember to follow the steps and the fish prawn crab game rules thoroughly to go ahead and place your bets to win as well as enjoy one of the coolest virtual games you can find online. Another thing to keep in mind is our casino gaming tips which can help you boost your winnings as a responsible gambler online.

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