12 Hi Lo Dice Game Strategies to win big up to RM1,000 daily

Follow 12 Best Hi Lo Dice Game Strategies to increase your Winning rate by 98%. Use these Powerful Hi Lo Strategies at W88 Games Online & earn RM1,000 every day.

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Dice games are something that everybody loves playing, even if you are an adult. But the only difference is that adults can make money by playing dice games on sites like W88 online which offer you some of the best casino dice games to play. One of these games is known as Thai Hi-Lo which is a very famous game in Asia. Playing this Thai hi-lo game is easy because although there are many betting options, they are very easy to understand.


However, if you want to win more hi-lo game rounds, then you must use some strategies to boost your gameplay. Here, we have 12 strategies divided into 3 parts to help you understand and win the Thai hi lo game rounds from scratch! Follow these thoroughly and you will be winning RM1,000 daily in no time!

1. Where and when you play the Thai Hi Lo games matters

The first part of the 12 strategies to win hi lo dice game are the 4 basic things that you must keep in mind before playing the game to ensure that you win more rounds with ease and without any fraudulent activities taking place. Ensuring these 4 things before playing the game would help you win as well as withdraw the cash you won in the most secure way.

#1 Select a good online betting site to play Thai Hi Lo

  • The first and most important that you must do when you decide to play Thai Hi Lo or other fun games, is to select a good online betting site which would not only help you boost your winnings but also make sure that all the information and money you put on their site is safe and secure.
  • For this, there are some important things that you must make sure your online betting site possesses which are a legal license from a legal foreign company, an SSL certificate ensuring that the online betting site is secure with their connection, an easy-to-navigate interface which caters to both beginners and pros, and lastly, an extravagant bonus offer that you can claim with ease to boost your gaming wallet.
  • Having all of these on your online betting site would make it one of the good sites to play the Thai Hi-Lo game as it would help you set the basic foundations you need to use the below strategies. This is something basic yet a necessary strategy that pro players carry out because trusting your online betting site will open up many ways which you can apply to win.

#2 Pick a game room with betting limit options

  • In the above-mentioned strategy, we spoke about how you can pick a good online betting site, but if you want to pick the best online betting site then you should also look at the Thai Hi Lo game room you will be playing at to win. And just like picking a good betting site, there are some criteria that you must look for in the online betting game room you choose.
  • The game room you choose to play and implement Thai Hi Lo betting strategies should have two main things and they are inbuilt game rules and a range in their betting amounts.
  • This means, that the game room should have the Hi-Lo game rules available in a way which would be easy for you to access. And additionally, the game room should also have many tables with different betting options that you can select from depending on your budget, which is something we will look into as progress with this article.
  • If you want to skip the research of finding such an online betting site then no worries, because we already have found the best online betting site for you to play the Thai Hi Lo game online and that is W88! At W88 games, you can access one of the best Hi-Lo virtual game rooms which allows you to set your own betting limit according to your preference. These game rooms are beginner and pocket-friendly as the minimum betting rate starts from only RM0.5!


#3 Re-read the Thai Hi-Lo rules in the online game room you select

  • One of the things that you must do which is something basic yet very important is check the game rules of the hi-lo game in the game room. Being able to access the room’s game rules is a must and so, you must use this to go through the rules again because sometimes game rooms tend to alter certain rules of the game by adding or removing some rules to make it more interesting.
  • Doing this simple thing would not only help you understand the rules of the game better but would also help you keep up with the game flow without any confusion so that you can only focus on placing bets on the betting options with the help of the instructions provided in the game room.

#4 Play Thai Hi-Lo games in the evenings for more wins

  • Next, you must be wondering if all of these are enough for you to win hi-lo games and yes, it could be a start. But when you decided to play the games by logging into your accounts online matters too.
  • Most pro players tend to play most online games, whether casino or normal games, in the evenings. This is because there are more players that tend to join the game rooms in the evenings so this allows you to experience an authentic casino feeling.
  • This is very helpful with one of the strategies mentioned below where you must observe which betting option wins the most. Not only this, but playing in the evening would help you come across pro players in the game room and you can observe their betting style to pick which betting option wins the most rounds.

2. Place your bets on the betting options wisely

Now that you have set most of the basic requirements for yourself to play the Thai Hi Lo game online, let us get into how you can now begin playing the game. The following 4 strategies heavily focus on what you should do to place accurate bets and win most of the betting rounds in the game rooms. As important as it is to follow these strategies, we also encourage you to have fun while implementing them in your gameplay.



#5 Use the available minimum betting rate to place bets

  • Finally, we have reached the most important betting strategies must use to win at Thai Hi Lo and the first strategy on the list is to place bets with the minimum betting rate in your Hi-Lo game room.
  • For this, it is important to find a game room which offers a low minimum betting rate because as a beginner, let’s be real, you are bound to make mistakes and lose some rounds since you are in your learning stage. So, using the minimum betting amount in your game room to place bets on Thai hi lo rounds is the best option you should opt for.
  • Speaking of options, the Thai hi-lo game has many betting options where you can place multiple bets in a single betting round. So, using the minimum betting stake here comes in handy since you can place many backup bets in the game room to win one way or the other.
  • This is also another reason why you should create an account in the W88 register online because it offers you 3 different Hi Lo tables which vary in betting rates. These three betting tables are customized in a way which caters to beginners, intermediate players and pros. So, as you progress with using these strategies well and enhance your betting skills, you can progress with the betting rates from low to high as well.

#6 Understand all the Hi Lo betting options on the table

  • Yes, you must use the minimum betting amount to place your bets on the betting options so that you can even place multiple bets that can act as a backup but which betting option exactly is the best combination you can use to win either way? Well, to answer this in short, no betting option makes the perfect combination because in the end, it all depends on luck.
  • However, what you can do to win most rounds is understand which betting option is most likely to win over others and one way of doing is by observing the betting odds of each of the given options on the table.
  • Odds in most games often tell you which bet is most likely to win and what is even better is that the higher the odds of the betting options, the more payout you can receive.
  • Learning the betting options and their odds is one of the basic things you must do when learning how to play Thai hi-lo online but sometimes many people do not like dealing with numbers and often end up placing bets on the wrong option.
  • Another reason you should look for the odds of the betting options when understanding all of them is that these odds increase the likelihood of a betting option winning, so if you place bets on the option with the highest betting odd, your second backup bet can be placed on the betting option with the second highest betting odds.



#7 Observe the table to see which betting option wins the most

  • Another best way to know which betting option is more likely to win, without spending any money is by using the skill of observation. Yes, just observing certain betting rounds when your first join the table for the day can tell you many things about the game which can eventually lead you to make some accurate bets.
  • To be more precise, there are some things that you must observe and keep track of, like the bets which win the most, the side bets which win the most, after how many intervals one bet wins again, and so on.
  • Additionally, it is also important to track which betting option combinations that tend to win more than the others so that you can place bets on them when you think they could be the winning bets in the next round.
  • Observing the game like this is something you can do at the start and in between your game, this way you will find accurate bets to place and also not spend too much money by placing bets for the sake of it.
  • Another way to keep track of the winning betting option is to analyze the previously winning bets in the game room before you joined. This should be available as a table on your screen. Compare your observations of the most winning bets with the previous winning bets table and you will find placing even more accurate bets.

#8 Try placing multiple bets on the Thai Hi Lo table when confident

  • Above we have mentioned that using combination bets can increase your chances of winning and so, it is given that when you place multiple bets, which means, using more than two betting options, you can further increase your chances of winning even more!
  • However, using multiple bets in the game room can be challenging, so it is important that you apply this strategy to your gameplay only if you are confident.
  • Of course, you can and must should the minimum betting rate to place multiple bets online but this could also lead in using more money in a single betting round.
  • So, when you are absolutely sure and confident that the bets you place will win, then you should go ahead and place the multiple bets on the table which would increase your probability of winning, otherwise, sticking to placing combination bets is the best strategy to go with.
  • If you want to place multiple bets as a trial but don’t want to spend money from your pocket then you can join online casino sites like W88 that provide free credit cashback offers on account verification. The W88 free credit promotion bonus offer gives you RM30 on verification!

3. Save using betting systems and bonus offers

For the last part of our section, let us introduce you to the 4 best hi lo game strategies which would help you save the money you already had in your pockets along with how you can increase the said money by minimizing loss and maximizing profit. Using betting systems is one way to do so since these systems are usually designed for pro players who wish to play more rounds without spending too much.


#9 Set strict betting limits for the day to play Hi Lo

  • Before we talk about the best betting system you can use to save money and win more, let us help you with how you can save the money you already have. Learning how to do this is important and implementing it is a strategy only pros have mastered.
  • Regardless, this is the most effective way even though it may seem hard and boring, and that is to be disciplined with how you play, how much you play, and lastly, how much you play with.
  • It is important to spend as little as you can on online casinos and still come up with ways to win, something we will be looking into in detail soon.
  • One way to spend as little from your own pockets is by setting strict betting limits for yourself which you must adhere to no matter what. These betting limits can be set daily, where you keep some money aside to play hi-lo games online.
  • Another way of setting limits to how much you play is by keeping fixed hours specifically for entertainment purposes where you play games online. These hours should not exceed more than ten hours per week.

#10 Implement the 50:30:20 Strategy to manage your bankroll

50% for needs, 30% for wants and 20% for savings

  • Perhaps the best way to set the aforementioned betting limits is by keeping some amount from your monthly salary aside specifically for placing bets online to enjoy yourself.
  • For this, using the 50:30:20 strategy is the best way to manage your bankroll where you use 50% of your income for your needs, 30% for your wants and 20% for your savings.
  • Here, playing online games is not a need but a want, so you can have up to 30% for your wants from which 10-15% can be used as the betting amount limit you can use to play online games.
  • Furthermore, this 10-15% can be divided into daily betting limits that you can use. Implementing this method at an online betting site like W88 will work out very well because even if you finish the betting limit for the day, you can still play the Thai Hi Lo game for free using their trial table.


#11 Use the D’Alembert strategy to maintain the betting limit

  • One of the best things you can do to still keep having fun despite the strictness and adherence to saving as much money as you can is to use betting systems which make the act of betting a fun part of the game as well.
  • Although there are many betting systems which creatively help you win back the money you lost in the previous rounds, the D’Alembert system is something you should practice as a beginner to win more in no time.
  • In the D’Alembert betting system, you must make the bets using the minimum betting stake available. If you lose the bet, you must increase this stake by one unit. If you lose the bet again, you must add another unit to the betting stake. Now, when you win eventually, you will get back the money for the bets you lost in the previous rounds.
  • But when you experience this win and win back all the previously lost money, you must decrease the betting stake by one unit. This way, you will somehow find yourself using the same amount of money to place bets for more betting rounds.

#12 Make use of your online casino welcome bonus

  • We have finally reached the last and most exciting hi lo strategy where you can claim even more money without even playing the hi lo game. And you can do this by getting your hands on the online betting welcome bonus offers your site gives out for new joiners like the W88 promotion.
  • Making use of your online casino welcome bonus offers has many benefits as it will not only help you build a good relationship with your betting site and open up new offers but also would help you get free cash in your online wallet to play many online casino games with ease.
  • This is also another reason why we recommend W88 as your gaming site online because over here by just joining and verifying your account, you can get free credit up to RM30 to play with.


In Conclusion

This was all about the 12 best Hi Lo dice game strategies to win more betting rounds online. Follow and implement these pro strategies in your gameplay and watch yourself place accurate bets to win more rounds with ease. Speaking of ease, use the W88 Hi Lo game room to get the most fun gaming experience online with an additional cashback offer of RM30 free credit on account verification. Take time and practice these strategies at W88’s free game room online and turn into a pro Hi Lo player soon!

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