Best 3 Card Poker Betting Strategies to win the most online!

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There are many things one should consider before playing online casino games but one of the most important things you must make sure you always use is some cool betting strategies that can help you win more, because if you keep winning then entertainment and fun will follow. The 3 card poker game at sites like W88 is one of those casino games that is much more fun to play with a 3 card poker betting strategy that will help you win. So, here mentioned are 10 such tips with additional 3 must-avoid moves you must follow to win almost every three card poker round.


1. Pick a 3 Card Poker game room wisely

First on the list in the 3 card poker betting strategy is something basic and that is selecting your online gaming room to play the game itself. Yes, choosing a proper gaming room can increase your chances of winning the three card poker game online and thus, this is something that you should take seriously.

  • One of the best ways to tell if your online gaming room is the best to play three card poker online is by looking at what it offers you besides the basic requirements of playing the three card poker game online.
  • The best feature it should have is a live dealer video where you can see the live dealer dealing cards and more. Additionally, if you play virtual three card poker games online, then the game room should be operated by an RNG system.
  • Sites like W88 have game room providers like Club W Grand and Club Ezugi that offer you with welcome bonuses up to RM600 which can come in great help when playing the poker game online.

2. Understand the 3 card poker combinations

When learning how to play three card poker game online, the combinations may look complicated but trust us, it is one of the easiest poker game variations to learn. All you must do is memorize the three card poker hand combinations and learn them thoroughly to come up with the best ones.

  • Poker is a game which requires you to place bets not on any betting options but on the cards hands dealt to you. So, you literally are placing bets on something vague and unknown on the poker table.
  • Additionally, it is a game which requires you to think when you place bets, so it is important to understand all the 7 hand combinations that can help you win online.
  • These 7 hand combination are Mini Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Pair, and High Card. Knowing the poker hand combinations by heart would help you make quick decisions so be sure to check out our three card poker combinations article on it.


3. Separate Your Poker-Playing Money in your wallet

Preparing somethings beforehand when playing any online casino game is essential to help you develop a good online betting relationship with gambling and playing any sort of poker game online requires you to strategize and use your bankroll wisely as there are more than one betting round in a single three card poker gameplay online.

  • This is why it is advised that you separate your online poker playing money from your wallet and goes without saying, to use only the amount you kept aside to play poker with.
  • One way to help you tackle this is by using the 50-30-20 budgeting rule which will help you not only separate your money in equal parts for wants and needs, but also give you enough money to play the three card poker game online.
  • This rule states that you should keep 50% of the salary you earn for your needs, 30% for your wants, and 20% for your savings. This percentage can of course shift based on your personal wants and needs but you can end up with having at least 30% of your income to enjoy poker games online.

4. Set daily betting limit and time before playing

In continuation with the aforementioned point, with having about 30% of your income for playing poker online, it is important to note that if you are using any of these online 3 card poker betting strategies, you will also be earning extra cash by winning. This means that the money you saved to play poker would eventually increase and so, managing your winnings is important.

  • This is when setting betting limits and and a fixed betting time can be one of the best three card poker betting strategy you can use to earn and save the winning cash.
  • Many pro players set daily betting limits to help then maximize profit and avoid overspending, especially when playing fun games like poker.
  • Thus, you too can set daily betting limits to play and win and decide beforehand for how long you will the playing the three card poker game online. As you go further down the article, you will be introduced to how betting systems can help with this.


5. Observe at least 10 live dealer betting rounds

Now that you have prepared most of the things needed to learn how to play the three card poker game online, let us look into what you should do when you enter the game room in your online betting site to play the 3 card poker game online. This little three card poker betting strategy can help you place accurate bets in most online casino games.

  • This three card poker best strategy is the art of observation that pro gamblers use before places their bets on any online casino game.
  • It is very important to observe at 10 to 20 live dealer three card poker games to not only understand the flow of the game online but also to look at which cards or card hand wins most of the betting rounds.
  • Additionally, observing live dealer three card poker games online would help you notice any shady activities that the live dealer may carry out while dealing the cards. If you do, then you can immediately leave the game room or notify the online casino customer service to save yourself from fraudulent acts.

6. Start Ante bets with the minimum wagering rate

Although these are online betting strategies to help you win most of the three card poker rounds online, some of the rules may seem rigid but trust us, playing three card poker online is always fun when you can win rounds because the reward of winning based on your wits and strategy is even more betting than depending on luck alone.

  • That being said, the next 3 card poker winning strategy requires you to place your ante bets online using the minimum betting wage available in the game room. This is one of the best strategies you can use to win and save money at the same time for any online casino game.
  • The reason three card poker online is the easiest poker variant you can find in the betting world online is because you are playing with the live dealer and not other players in the game room, which means that you can decide how much ante bets to place without being judged for having the best or worst card hands.
  • Yes, if you win you will receive lower amount payouts than if you did with a higher ante bet. But again, if you lose you will lose only the small betting amount from your entire bankroll.


7. Use the 3 card poker side betting options too

As mentioned above, it is important to use the minimum betting stake in the game room to place ante bets for three card poker games online and with game rooms provided by the best W88 live casino game room provider, you can play the three card poker game online using RM5 only. However, another thing you can do to place three card poker bets online is use the side betting options as well to win.

  • The reason behind using the minimum betting rate in the game room for ante bets is mentioned above but another thing you can do with the minimum betting stake in the game room is place side bets with the main ante bets.
  • The side betting options in the online casino game rooms helps you place additional bets online to enhance the thrilling experience of playing the games.
  • So, using the side betting options with ante bets for not all but some game rounds could give you the chance to place back up bets, so that if you lose the ante bet, you still have a chance of winning the side bets plus make the gameplay more interesting for you.

8. Pick a betting system to maximize profit

Above, we have mentioned that saving money is important when playing three card poker game online by using some helpful budgeting strategies, setting betting limits, as well as a fixed playing time. But it is also equally important that you enjoy playing the poker game online and to help you find a balance between responsibility and fun, betting systems can help you.

  • Placing bets in your poker online game room using betting systems can help you maintain your bankroll in the best way possible, and this is something that helps not only gamblers but also top investors in the stock market world.
  • Although the Martingale betting system is the most famous betting system you can use to place bets with, as a beginner, we do not recommend using this system because it is specifically made for high rollers. So, instead, you can use the D’Alembert betting system.
  • In the D’Alembert betting system, whenever you experience a loss, you must increase your next ante betting stake by one unit and continue doing so until you experience a win, this way in that win, you will get back the money you previously lost as a payout, so, you can go back to the original betting stake.


9. Make use of casino bonuses and promotions deals

In the beginning of this article, we spoke about how you have to select a good online betting three card poker game room to help you place some of the most accurate bets in the betting world online and one of the requirements of calling an online game room the best is that it offers its customers with some of the best online casino bonuses.

  • Thus, making use of these promotional offers and bonuses is very important because this way you would not have to worry about spending cash from your own pockets but instead can use the cashback bonus amount to win even more.
  • If you use sites like W88, then you can get W88 promotion bonuses which gives you 20% up to RM600 cashback offer on two of the best online game room providers in the betting world online.
  • This way, you will only need to make the minimum deposit required which is RM30 in W88’s case and meet the rollover requirement and conditions to claim the bonus offer. W88 also offers additional free credit of RM30 on account verification!

10. Earning More > Winning More is the Goal

It is mentioned at the beginning of the article that you can only have more fun at online casino game rooms if you keep earning more and more every day, and so, most of these 3 card poker betting strategies are created by experts to help you increase the money in your account online by helping you place accurate bets.

  • So, before you use and apply any of the aforementioned betting strategies, it is important that you set your mind on the goal of earning more than you win. Because out of 10 gaming rounds, you could win 9, but go home with a lower cash amount than what you had around the 5th round of the game.
  • This is why setting a fixed time to play any casino games online is important because this way you can keep track of when you need to stop. But if you notice that you have won more by a certain amount of game rounds than what you did yesterday, then you can chose to stop playing for the day.
  • In short, winning more may sometimes be heavy on your bankroll because this would require you to play more game rounds, so it is important to be mindful of how much money you use to play and not be greedy for more.


Top 3 Mistakes to AVOID when playing Three Card Poker

Now that you have been introduced to the three card poker betting strategies online which could help you win, it is important that you take notes of the three card online rookie mistakes you should avoid at all costs to help you win most betting rounds with ease.

  1. Using the side betting options more often: Above we have mentioned that using the side betting options as a back up bet can help you win sometimes but it is important to note that you should not always use the side betting option. The reason behind this is that the main ante bets is something you should focus more on as it pays out the highest among other bets. 
  2. Placing huge amount wagers: Since the payout you receive highly depends on how much you stake as the ante bet, many rookies tend to place a huge amount to win more instantly. This sometimes is possible but for it to be possible, you will require a lot of luck! So, be wise and never place huge amount stakes in one go, instead you can use betting systems to increase the amount based on your losses and wins. 
  3. Switching betting systems mid-game: Another mistake that many rookies tend to make is place switch between betting systems mid-game. Although there are some betting options with which you can do this with ease, it is advisable to stick to one betting system in order to avoid disrupting the flow of the game and the winning amount. 


So, pick your 3 card poker betting strategy from any of the aforementioned ones to increase your chances of winning by at least 97%! That being said, picking the correct setting to play three card poker or as a matter any online casino games is important and there is no better site for beginners than W88! W88 gives you an authentic casino experience to play the three card poker game and also offers you with wholesome bonus offers you can use to play the game online without spending a lot from your own pockets!

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