Three Card Poker Combinations – Know Best Hand Ranks to Win!

7 Three Card Poker Combinations you must know to Win More. Learn 3 Card Poker Best hands & their rankings from highest to lowest: Royal Flush, Straight Flush…

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Playing online casino games is always fun, however, if you are a beginner then there could be some online casino games which can be difficult to play and it would be even worse if you end up losing a lot of cash without knowing how to master the games properly. One such game is the poker game online but again, if you use online casino sites like W88, then you can get access to its variants, like three card poker, which is much more easier to play than the actual game.

What Do You Need to Win Three Card Poker?

Yes, three card poker is a casino game which is easier to win but it is also important that you know all about game to win the game in a much easier way. Playing 3 card poker online is something fun because of its fast paced nature, and if your goal is to win as much as you can besides getting entertainment then you have to understand the best three card poker combinations thoroughly to make quick decisions to keep up with the pace of the game as well as to increase your winning rate with every round.

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Highest to Lowest Three Card Poker Combinations

Understanding the hand ranks in Poker is something that many people find scary because of the fear of missing out on the best hand ranks, and this is why people avoid playing poker online itself. But if you think about it, Poker is one of the coolest casino games to learn because it requires you to be quick with your thinking and to start, you must first master the card hand combinations. So, to do this, we can start slow and first memorize only 7 out of 10 hand combinations, which will get you started with mastering the three card poker casino game first.

#1 Mini Royal Flush Can Help You Win Instantly!

First on the rank list we have the three card poker combination of the Mini Royal Flush. In poker games, you will also notice that the highest ranking hand is the Royal Flush but since the three card poker game is a smaller version of poker, we call the top hand the mini royal flush which consists of the all face cards and the Ace cards of the same suit.


  • The Mini Royal Flush is the highest ranking three card poker combinations because getting this combination is rare. What makes up this combination are the Kings, Queens and Aces cards belonging to the same suit.
  • In the example above, A♥, K♥, and Q♥ make up the mini royal flush combo since they are top ranking cards belonging to the heart suit.

#2 Straight Flush is a Must-Have Hand

Next on the list of best three card poker combinations we have the card Straight Flush, which is another combination that you are least likely to get yet, there is a slight chance of getting them if you are lucky enough. Just like the mini royal flush hand combo, if you manage to get the straight flush three card poker hand combination, then you will receive wholesome payouts!


  • The Straight Flush combo is something you should keep an eye out for to win huge payouts. It consists of cards from the same suit, but also must be of consecutive card ranks.
  • The above example of the cards J♣, 10♣, and 9♣ is a perfect example of this three poker combination as all the cards have consecutive numbers 8, 9, 10 belonging to the clover suit.

#3 Three Of A Kind Comes to Those Who Are Lucky

If you get the Three of a Kind rank when learning how to play three card poker, then consider yourself extremely lucky! In fact, this three card poker combination is the easiest to make as you only require all of your three cards to be of the same rank irrespective of their suit.


  • To get the three of a kind 3 card poker hand combo, all you must keep an eye out for is cards with the same rank. Here, what suit these cards belong to does not matter.
  • In the above example, the cards 6♣, 6♦, and 6♥ all have the same rank which is being the 6 numbered cards while they all belong different suits namely, club, diamond, and heart.

#4 Straight Card Hand Is Good Enough!

The fourth three card poker rank is the straight card combination. This rank is similar to the straight flush three card poker combination but it ranks slightly lower. This is because here you need to look at only the card rank and not the suit they belong to, so the probability of getting this three card poker best hands combination is slightly higher than the aforementioned ones.


  • This combination is made with the cards that have consecutive numbers irrespective of the suits they belong to.
  • The above image has the cards 9♠, 8♦, and 7♣ where the numbers on the cards have consecutive ranks, 9, 8, and 17 belonging to the suits spade, diamond and clover, respectively.

#5 Flush Card Rank Gives You the Same Suit

The Flush card ranks 5th in the best three hand poker hand combinations and there is a pretty good chance of getting this hand combination. The flush hand rank is also a part of the aforementioned straight flush hand combo and also can be considered as the opposite of the Straight hand rank in three card poker.


  • The probability of getting this three card poker hand combination is slightly higher because here you only have to get the cards from the same card suit.
  • In the image above, you can see that all the three cards Q♠, 10♠, and 6♠ have different ranks namely Q, 10, 6 but since they all belong to one suit, spade, this hand is considered to be a flush hand rank.

#6 Pair is a Hand You Should Look Out For

The three card poker hand rank, pair or one pair, is easy to get is the pair card because the probability of getting this card rank is very high and this is because you only have to look at the card ranks here and not the clubs. Although in the poker game there are variations of the pair where you have to look at the suits instead of the card ranks.


  • The name of the pair three hand poker combination is also the requirement of the hand you need to get, a pair! This hand consists of two cards with the same ranks in the three card poker game.
  • In the example above, out of the cards, 2♦, 2♥, and Q♥ two cards have the same rank which is the number 2, making a three card poker pair hand combination.

#7 High Card is the Lowest Card Rank

The lowest hand rank in the three card poker hand combinations is the high card. Although the name sounds important, this card can either make you win or lose depending on the cards in your opponent’s hand. The high card is the card that does not have any specific combination, but what you need to remember is the rank of cards in a deck, with Ace being the Highest and 2 numbered cards being the lowest.


  • The high card hand is used when you or the dealer do not have any of the above 6 three card poker hand combination. In cases like these, whoever has the highest card rank in their hand wins.
  • For instance, in the image above, the card hand combination is a A♥, J♣, and 10♥, which does not make any hand combination. This is when the highest ranking card among the three determines the winner of the three card poker round.

Note: If there are cards with the same number rank, then you have to see the rank of the suits which is Spades (highest), Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs (lowest).

Three Card Poker Hand Ranks with their Payouts

The hand ranks are created in the poker game, no matter the variant, to determine the payouts. The higher the rank, the difficult of  combination it is to get. And thus, since W88 live casino games are created to have fun by testing luck, getting a higher rank would need a lot of luck which would also result in high payouts. So, let us look into the payout ratio for each of the three card poker hand ranks.

Hand CombinationPayoutDescription
Mini Royal Flush5:1 The mini royal flush hand is a high ranking hand in three card poker and thus, has the highest payout ratio which is 5 to 1.
Straight Flush5:1In games where the mini royal flush hand is not used, the straight flush takes the top ranking spot. Thus, the payout ratio for the straight flush three card poker hand rank is also 5 to 1.
Three of a Kind4:1Next on the list is the three of a kind hand, which is a fairly unique pair to get, but if you do the payout ratio you will receive is 4 to 1.
Straight5:1Another hand which has a high probability of showing up is also the hand rank which would give you a high payout. This rank is the straight rank as it will give you a payout ratio of 5 to 1.
Flush4:1The Flush hand rank, which is the opposite of the straight hand rank, is a combination which you can get more often and this pays out with the ratio 4 to 1.
Pair1:1Pair is another three card poker hand combination which is easy to get and this hand combination in 3 card poker pays out with the ratio 1:1.
High Card1:1The high card occurs mostly when there are no combinations that can be made with the card hands. High Card hands have the payout ratio of 1:1.

In Conclusion

These were the 7 three card poker combinations that can help you win wholesome payouts and thus, it is important that you keep an eye out for each other them. Additionally, it is important that you use additional casino betting tricks that can help you bag big payouts online in any three card poker game rooms. Speaking of game rooms, going for the W88 game rooms would give you the chance to claim RM600 on all live casino games!

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