Plastic Surgery Fails To Keep You Up At Night

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they say. This may be true but it can also be very self-deprecating in the long run. Obsession towards looking a certain way or getting short term fixes can be dangerous for your physical, mental, or even emotional well-being. A person’s physical appearance always triggers the law of attraction, I’m not exactly sure if the following people will agree, though.

1. Lips for days`

6 Worst Plastic Surgery Fails 1

2. Botox Gone Wrong

3. Taking it Too Far

4. Double Jeopardy

5. Eye Can See the Difference

6. Bary ManilNO

7.  Facial Proportions gone wrong

Worst Plastic Surgery Fails 7

8. The Permanent Pucker

Worst Plastic Surgery Fails 8

9. Stretched 

Worst Plastic Surgery Fails 10

10. Change happens 

Plastic Surgery Fails 9

Pushing Boundaries

The increasing popularity in the cosmetic and plastic surgery industry continues to propel beyond Hollywood. The idea that the way you look is what will make your career soar is highly absurd, since the last time I checked, talent is also a vital factor. Tweaking some off appearances isn’t entirely bad, just don’t go the extra mile as these people did. Better to be safe than sorry, am I right?

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