12 Toys for Kids that Will Make You Wonder about Your Childhood

For many children, the best thing about being a kid is the toys and games they get to play and be a part of. Many toy production companies continue to develop toys that are great for kids learning and development. Although, it is important to consider that not all toys are educational and good for a child’s skill development. The following are a few toys that will make you want to second-guess its production value.

Would you get these for your children?

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Building ants is now possible with a Game of Cooties


Pet Rock is probably one low maintenance toy for your kids.


Tuttuki Bako – teaching kids to stick their fingers in holes… BAD IDEA.

The doll that allows kids to inject tears into them to see it cry


A child seeing how a baby’s skeleton looks like doesn’t seem so kid-friendly…


Play-Dough has invented something VERY questionable. Poop clay looks hazardous for kids who like to place thing sin their mouth…


Road kill stuff toys that aren’t stuffed anymore


Fart-a lot betty dolls with matching toilets… potty training already?


Hatching eggs directly from the chicken isn’t that simple in real life.


Teaching your kids about STDs through these stuff toys is a bold and quite early move. Don’t you think?


Kids thinking babies can have babies are a terrible misnomer your kid can learn from this toy. Beware folks!


Japanese sushi toys rolled with naked lady figurines… Try making sense of this ladies and gents.

Toys are great tools for learning when you are a young child. Interactive games and toys help develop and sharpen the child’s mind. The toys above on the other hand, do the complete opposite. So, the next time you plan to buy your nephews and nieces or your kids toys for gifts, do not consider the ones mentioned above.

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