The Best Bets to Place When Playing Sicbo at W88

Most live casinos in Asia hold Sicbo as one of their flagship casino games. Sicbo by English definition means “dice pair.” It is also played in a few parts of the United States. It is a popular dice game that many casino-goers enjoy playing. It is very much similar to another dice casino game called Craps.

The game consists of three dices, and quite a complex board, making Sicbo quite a tricky game to figure out. Placing bets will be quite confusing, especially for new Sicbo players at w88. Alternatively, there are three effective ways in which players may place a bet without jeopardizing the quality of their game.

4 of Your Best Bets When Playing Sicbo

1. Big or Small Bets

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sicbo table 2

Placing big and small bets when playing sicbo at w88 technically gives the player 48.6% chances of winning. There is also an equal 2.8% when it comes to their house edge.

The big bet is located in the upper right region of the betting table. The winning numbers indicated on Big bets are from 11 to 17. A triple is the only time the player will lose. A triple is made up of 3 numbers exactly identical to one another.

The small bet is located in the upper left region of the betting table. The winning numbers range from 4 to 10 for small bets. The payout is 1 to 1 in the event that 3 dices mix to get a score between 4 to 10. A triple is the only circumstance where the player betting on a small bet will lose.

 2. Odd or Even Bets

A combination of three dices forming an odd number is called an Odd bet. A combination of even numbers is called an Even bet. 48.6% is the estimated chance of winning when betting on odd and even bets, with a house edge of 2.8%. The most advantage sicbo players at w88 will get when placing a wager on odd and even bets is parallel to what they will get when betting on big and small bets.

sicbo table 3

With all this at hand, the one thing players should remember is that most sicbo tables at w88 don’t have odd and even areas to wager on. In the case that odd and even bets do appear on the sicbo table, they will be located on the upper left corner of the table. This will mean that the odd and even area for betting is situated on the upper right corner of the sicbo table.

3. Single Number Bets

Single bets are found in the bottom-most part of the page which is labeled One, Two, Three, Four, Five and Six. These are bets that come up in any number of the three dices. E.g. If any of the three dices roll at the number two and you placed a bet on two, player wins. The odds of a number showing up on one dice are at a rough estimate of 2:1. Note that the higher the payout, the less likely the combination will be rolled out.

4. Combination Bets

A specific number combination consists of 2 of the 3 dices. They are located on the second to the last row on the w88 sicbo table. Players bets on the chance of two specific numbers appearing among the three dice, which is less likely to happen since the odds are higher.

There is a total of about 15 dice combinations across the sicbo table. The house edge per combination lands on only 2.8% by estimate.

sicbo table 4

Keep in mind that winning one 1 out of the 15 dice combination bets is a rough 13.9% chance for every player who decides to dabble. The payout for such win is a whopping 6 to 1.

Worth the Risk?

Playing sicbo at w88 often boasts a certain type of complexity to the dice game. In comparison to other casino table games, sicbo is popular for having a house edge that is quite high on a few bets. If you are a persistent player and learner, sicbo is a game that will teach you to find wagers that make sicbo actually worth playing and investing time on.

One pro to playing sic bo is the option to choose high probability wagers from big to even bets. If you wish to dabble deeper into the dynamics of sic bo, then placing wagers on other dice combinations is also possible, while still benefiting from the low 2.8% house edge.

Playing it smart when in the sic bo table is a rule of thumb. It is vital for new and old sic bo players alike to always take into account the house edge placed on certain bets. This is the most practical way to avoid the casino playing you.

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