10 Cake Designs that are an Ultimate Fail

Birthdays  or celebratory occassions always demand cake. Big cakes made with grandeur are a crowd favorite with several people, child or adult. Cakes are tricky to make since it requires a whole lot of detail and precision in design. Whether it’s a customize cake or a home-made cake, making mistakes is inevitable. Other times, it can be quite frustrating because some customizers seem like they took instructions quite too literally. The images below are some examples of an epic cake fail.

Nailed it or failed it?

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Never send instructions via e-mail, specifically via iPhone


When you send an image to be printed on a cake, make sure it appears as a JPEG file.


The dot on the exclamation point is so important.


The castle roofs should’ve been pointier…


Public Service Announcement: Bumblebee is one word.


Well, I guess the designer took the directions quite literally.


Just pretend “Under Neath that” isn’t there…


This just looks too real for a celebratory slice


Good riddance?


This is why you don’t buy store bought cakes.

Cakes are one of the most popular deserts invented by bakers. The process of customizing cakes by layer and by design can be quite tedious. Mistakes are okay but idiotic ones don’t come out too innocent. The next time you buy a cake for a birthday party or get one made, make sure you give PROPER instructions and watch how they put the frosting on just to be sure.

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