5 of the Most Played Games in W88 Club as of 2024

Gambling online is fun and playing mindless arcade and slot games are equally engaging, especially when you’re earning money from it. W88, Malaysia’s number one online gaming operator as of 2024 is a platform where different players, from new to loyal ones have something to try. From players who only enjoy quick wins, and respond well to arcade fishing games and online slot games, to those types of players who like to strategize and beat the casino odds, there’s the live casino.

A ton of new games are released every month, with several promotions and rebates to claim every week, it’s no wonder w88 club is becoming a huge deal in the online gambling scene. More and more people are registering for an account to access a variety of topnotch games, promotions, and prizes. Discover what top five games are played on w88 and join the w88 club today!

Top 5 Player and Fan Favorite Games in W88

 Baccarat on Club W Grand Live Casino

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Of course, it’s not a total surprise that baccarat made it to the top of this list as it is a crowd favorite of many live casino players online. Several other casinos online offer baccarat but w88 live casino gives players a variety of tables to play on, with the chance to adjust your buy-in amount before playing with real money.

It’s also available on the w88 mobile app, so playing this game is common on w88. It’s safe to say it’s the most played game on Malaysia’s number one gambling platform; a must to try for those who like strategy and chance at play.

 Lucky Bomber Slot Game on GamePlay Interactive

Another top game played in w88 is the Lucky Bomber slot game under GamePlay Interactive games in w88 slots. It’s not hard to understand why it’s often played by so many players and new members who just registered make their way into GamePlay Interactive slots and find themselves betting amused by Lucky Bomber.

It’s a sure way to win instant money once you learn how to manipulate the reels and when to click Max Bet. The best part is that you can play it on w88 mobile app and be a part of the w88 club, and even play the game on trial mode.  

Keno on Lottery

W88 members who enjoy lottery games are most likely spending their time placing bets on w88 Keno. This popular lotto game boasts variety and ease, as it is a simple betting game that aims to get you to beat the odds. W88 club highly promotes Keno for giving members the chance to play on several different Keno tables and maximize your chances of winning the lottery.

Rock Paper Scissors on Lottery

A simple yet classic favorite of w88 members is playing Rock Paper Scissors on w88 Lottery. This game is rather simple where members are required to predict if the displayed hands will be betting on a rock, paper, or scissors. It’s a fun game of chance that w88 members often enjoy spending time placing bets on.

Texas Hold’em Poker on P2P

Last but not least is Texas Hold’em Poker on w88 P2P Games which is now automized with no live dealer, but with tables connecting w88 members together in one game. Rules are simple and maintaining a poker face is not necessary. W88 poker is a great game to pass the time, apart from testing your predictive skills, it also challenges players’ decision making, from folding to raising their bets; w88 poker is a classic online casino game for the ages.

W88 Club: Number one in finding leisure and fun

You don’t have to be a long-time player to be able to celebrate being a member of w88, new players and curious folks online make their way to w88 to discover new games online games that work best for their gambling needs. W88 Club helps members find the best games the game operator has to offer. From slot games to lottery games, there’s always a new favorite every week and every month. Stay tuned in w88 club and learn more about what w88 members play anytime and anywhere.

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