11 Period Memes that Only Women Will Agree with Constantly

The life of a woman is hard enough with the patriarchal society and absurdly high standards placed upon young girls and women, the monthly period is just the cherry on top of a fantastic cake. Women and their monthly periods often bring up “horror stories” on how moods change, decision making is compromised, and judgments are clouded due to hormones. Women on their periods have the hardest time adjusting and doing normal daily tasks and more often than not, no one takes them seriously. Below are a few memes that describe the perils of period pain and what women go through on a monthly basis.

11 Relatable Period Memes Women Will Say “Fuck Yes” To in a Heartbeat

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When you just woke up and you can feel the stickiness of your thigh

Imagine a line of women waiting outside as well…

The surprise never stops

Trying hard not to see blemishes and bloating on day one of the “red tide”

That explosive feeling down under

A typical weekend with a period

Acne galore

The dream

One thing boyfriends are never allowed to say out loud

After every lunge at the gym

Reality TV needs to showcase this

The Red Tide is Real

Everyone always takes periods lightly, when in fact it determines quite a lot about the female body and the cycle of life. It’s something women go through every month and it’s never a pleasant experience for those who own a uterus. The struggle is real and bleeding on a monthly basis can take so much from a person, but then again there’s only so much a woman can take from the ignorance of the patriarchy. So the next time you come across a woman on her period, be respectful and be kind, or else the mother Dragon might come out.

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