Sic bo martingale strategy – 85% effective: Make RM1500 daily

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Balanced Sic Bo players should aim for larger gains while spreading the risk by combining bets to cover multiple outcomes. This Sic Bo martingale strategy aims to earn a consistent profit and is intended for players who are familiar with the game but want a little more excitement than merely betting Big/Small.

What is Sic bo martingale strategy?

Martingale, one of the most well-known strategies for games like sic bo, baccarat, roulette and has been in the spotlight for decades and has shown to be one of the most effective casino game simplification strategies.

W88-Sic bo martingale strategy-05We know you are eagerly waiting to understand the mechanism of the W88 sic bo martingale strategy. Let’s quickly move to the working part of Sic bo martingale strategy so that you can implement the same in no time.

Working of Sic bo Martingale strategy

Martingale approach is when you double your stake each time you lose, keeping the beginning bankroll in mind. Before understanding the working in detail, you must be familiar with the probability & house edge of the sic bo game. Below is the table representing the sic bo bets probability along with house edge.


ProbabilityHouse Edge






Now that you are familiar with bets payouts, let’s understand the exact working of the sic bo martingale strategy with an example. Newbies must take a look at how to play W88 sicbo to grasp the basics.

Wager Amount



Loss (bankroll at -10)

Loss (Bankroll at -30)


Win (Bankroll at +10)

Loss (Bankroll at 0)


Win (Bankroll at +20)


Win (Bankroll at +30)

For example, if your initial wager is RM200, your next wager will be RM400, then RM800, RM1600, RM3200, and so on.

W88-Sic bo martingale strategy-01

  • The idea behind this technique is to win big enough to cover your prior losses while also adding something extra.
  • Because the odds of losing more money than winning are still present, W88you recommends using this method for only 4 to 6 rounds of bets and then exiting the game.
  • Exceeding this limit could put you at risk of losing your entire bankroll, which is not a good idea.
  • Check out the top 3 W88 sic bo tips to win more rewards.

Advantages & Disadvantages of sic bo martingale strategy

Each strategy, like other betting systems, has its own set of benefits and drawbacks. The following are some of the advantages & disadvantages of using the Sic bo martingale strategy.

W88-Sic bo martingale strategy-02

Advantages of sic bo martingale strategy

1. Quite simple to follow – The Martingale is a straightforward technique to learn and execute because it progresses in a fairly simple manner. It’s not as complex as Fibonacci & Labouchere. In other words, it’s a simple betting method that even newcomers to sic bo can pick up quickly.

2. A single win guarantees a profit – As previously stated, a Martingale player only needs one win to recover all of their losses and make a small profit. It is also possible to win a higher sum if the player wins multiple times.

3. Good for short-term game – It’s an excellent technique for short-term betting, especially if you’re just expecting to play for a few hours rather than several days. For more such profitable tactics, visit W88 tips and tricks & get benefited.

Disadvantages of sic bo martingale strategy

1. A losing streak might lead to financial ruin – While the Martingale can be used to make money, it is also conceivable for a player to go on a long losing run and not be able to recover their losses. As a result, this betting strategy has the potential to lead to bankruptcy as well as profit.

2. House edge remains the same – In the long run, your chances are unlikely to improve. That’s correct! The more you play, the more likely you are to lose your money. It is preferable to play for a few hours at a time until you have earned enough money to stop.

3 silly mistakes to avoid at sic bo table

Now that we have understood the advantages and disadvantages of the sic bo martingale strategy, it’s time to look at another important factor that affects your sic bo gameplay. Yes, even the most experienced players commit these mistakes, below are the 3 silly mistakes to avoid at sic bo.

W88-Sic bo martingale strategy-06

1. Going all-in

  • Going all-in right away is one of the first and most typical blunders beginners make when playing Sic Bo or any other live casino game.
  • While there’s nothing wrong with it, we wouldn’t recommend using it until you’ve learned how to play it correctly. You should instead choose a low-risk plan.
  • To put it another way, you should only place small wagers at first to avoid losing a lot of money.

2. Being impatient

  • If you’re not careful, not having enough patience can cost you a lot of money.
  • When playing Sic Bo, people who are impatient are more likely to make hasty decisions.
  • We can see that this is a typical gambling game.
  • So, before you can optimize your gains to the best level possible, you’ll need patience and some method.

3. Playing without a strategy

  • Naturally, some people are unaware that when playing Sic Bo, there is the possibility of having a strategy.
  • As you could expect, this is the point at which gamblers make decisions that are illogical.
  • You will undoubtedly realize that this is a costly error.
  • W88you have covered the best 5 effective sic bo tricks for you, try them now.


That’s all about Sic bo martingale strategy. Keep in mind that streaks don’t endure forever. Make sure to take part or all of your profits while things are going well. There are no guaranteed perfect betting methods out there, but if you have some spare time and want to try something new, it’s always a good idea to test out a couple. If you’re new to the online casino industry, start off on the right foot with the casino bonus offers at W88 and you’ll feel like a winner straight away.

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