W88 Archives: My 5 Star Customer Service Experience

Playing live casino games, slot games, poker or betting on sports books can be very tiresome and alluring at the same time. Knowing all the information prior to playing a W88 game is provided on the website.

For newcomers and aspiring members, knowing more than what’s on paper is necessary before signing away your personal information to an online gaming platform. Fortunately, W88 has a superb customer service feature that gives its users several options to get help or more information.

Variety of Options and Easy Access

Customer service options include live chat support, contact via hotline, Skype and WeChat for both desktop and mobile. There is no need to download any app or program to get access to W88’s customer service. It is super accessible on the website itself found on the rightmost part of the screen on a tab that says “Contact Us”.

Asking for help or more information regarding a certain game, website experience, password issues and promotions via live chat brings out a more positive outcome. This is the option most new members and prospective players like to use. Not only is it a fast exchange, customer representatives are polite and make sure they are answering your queries with practicality.

An example is when I was inquiring about their website promotions; the customer service representative I was talking to was very specific and hands-on with my inquiries despite not being a member yet.

Professionalism and Service

There are instances when other customer support personnel would only give useful information once you have registered for a membership account. This has happened to me quite a few times which meant I had to do more thorough research to get answers to my queries which their websites didn’t even have in the first place.

With w88, customer support was attentive to my needs and answered my question in detail. Skye, the customer service representative tasked to chat with me, provided me with a step by step procedures to follow in order to get to the slot game promotion I was looking for. Not only was she attentive, she also replied very fast making our chat last only about 10 minutes total.

Aside from her professionalism, Skye was also very informative with sharing more promotions and rebates I could be interested in. This showed how she went the extra mile to get me the help I need. I truly had an easy time accessing the promotions afterward after contacting customer service at W88.

It is much easier and less time consuming because I didn’t have to look so hard for all the information. There are also times when they would even send links to more detailed information regarding the game or promotion I am interested in.

Customer Service at its Best at W88

Indeed, W88 customer service is top-notch and highly recommended to try before signing up without knowing anything about the award-winning game operator. They guide you through the many games and options that you see on their website.

They provide you with useful links to get your questions answered and most of all; they are polite and helpful with even the smallest query. Try your luck at W88 live casino, sportsbook, poker and more by signing up today!

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