W88 Archives: A Round of Sicbo at W88

A big part of the W88 experience is to try and play all the games the gaming website has to offer. Live casino games like baccarat, blackjack, roulette, and sic bo are some games that you can play at w88 complete with live dealers and instant transactions for players.

Sicbo is a popular table game in several Asian live casinos which is basically a dice game that entails luck. Players also have the option to bet on several number clusters on the sic bo table. From Small and Big bets to different combinations, playing Sicbo at w88 was worth every minute of my time. Sicbo is a flexible and simple game enough, but online gaming at w88 made it even amazing to get swift wins.

Variety in a Betting Table

A great thing about playing sic bo is the combinations you can choose from. There are pairs and clusters of numbers and dices that you can wager on all at once. These features in a sic bo table made me more confident to play a game that I was new to.

Not only was the dynamic simple, the rolling of the dices was done in a quick manner. Once the winning values appear, the screen will show you how much you’ve won and will be dragged to your wallet.

Number Clusters

One tricky thing about betting on a sic bo table is the range of numbers a cluster has. For instance, small numbers on the sic bo table range from the numbers 4 to 10. Big numbers on the sic bo table include numbers from 11 to 17. Even and odd bets are also clusters you can bet from which have a 48.6% and 2.8% chance of winning respectively. They are located on the upper right and left corners of the sic bo table.

Lucky Dice Games and Quality Leisure

My w88 experience playing sic bo at w88 was definitely positive one but also quite overwhelming at first since I didn’t really know the dynamic of the game. I was just really exploring w88’s live casino games and came across sic bo for the first time.

Learning the rules wasn’t complicated at all and with just a few practice rounds, I was able to catch up with proper gaming rules after just a few rounds. It was also a great introduction to dice games which is also conducive to learning more about casino games at w88. If you are into a lot of chance games, aside from sic bo, w88 also hosts lottery and keno games.

There is only so much leisure and entertainment one can get from w88. From live casino games to sports betting games to poker and slot games; investing a little of your time and money on some online gaming is definitely worth it at w88. Try your luck and experience the best online gaming experience with w88 and get your winnings in just a jiffy!

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