Understanding Handicap Football Betting in Asian Sports

Sports betting has been sweeping the gambling and sports industry for a few years now. Sports betting is the foundation used in many sportsbooks which many gamblers and avid sports fanatics alike highly depend on. In many team sports which garner most attention during big sporting events, odds may vary in which many bettors have options to choose from.

In most Asian sportsbooks, handicap betting is the most favored odds in Asian sports like soccer. This W88 article will help you break down the basics of handicap betting. We will look into the different types of soccer handicap betting markets, ultimately define and comprehend the role of handicap betting in soccer.

Football is one of the most competitive sports in the industry which typically has a contrast in the way opposing teams are viewed through their quality of game among other factors. Other factors include the size of the difference which fluctuates depending on the intricacies of several impacting elements.

Historical dominance, financial backing, home field advantage, injuries, and availability are a few of such elements. In soccer betting, the interpretation of elements into plausible winning opportunities through odds takes place.

What is Handicap Betting?

A handicap is set by the bookmaker in the form of a numerical figure. This takes place to contradict the notion of the opponents’ skill. Ultimately, a handicap gives leeway for odds to have more balance.

Typically, bettors only receive little incentives due to small returns. This is essentially caused by minimal betting odds placed on the Favorite because of the distinguished contrast in capacity. Bookmarkers propose Handicap Betting for the purpose of contradicting the bias in abilities. Its goal is also to deliver more appealing and balanced odds in the process.

How does this apply to soccer?

Handicap Soccer Betting 1Applying positive and negative goal handicaps on both sides helps interpret the difference in strength of the players or participants. Finding more value than when backing a heavy Favorite in the traditional 1X2 bet adheres more to in soccer, which essentially levels the playing field. One thing to remember is that the handicap bet only applies to the definite turnout of the game.

What are the three kinds of Handicap Bets?

Level Handicap

  • No perceived difference in abilities apply to opposing teams
  • No designated handicap biases
  • Irrelevant to one-sided encounters
  • Useful in removing the draw
  • Both teams begin with 0 goals
  • How to win: find their preferred team which will score more goals over their adversary
  • Ties: refundable bets with no advantage on both teams

Single Handicap

  • Perceived difference in abilities apply to opposing teams
  • The presentation of a suitable goal handicap to the predicted superior team takes place, in order to even out the playing field for the sake of betting (-0.5, -1, -1.5).

Split Handicap

  • Takes place when the abilities of both teams are small
  • Enables the better to split their stake to 2 handicaps
  • Outcome draws: refund on half of the stake while the other half will lose
  • Both bets win = both bets are covered

Asian Sports Betting

Sports betting in football for Asian games can be quite tricky at first. With consistent analysis and superb observation, any beginner sports bettor will eventually get the hang of it. Adjusting bets and trusting your hunch when it comes to sports betting in football is essential to the learning curve. The best way to get the hang of it is by considering all factors at hand and using a tactful elimination method to sort out the best of the best.

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