Proof that Photoshop Can Indeed Make Miracles

One of the greatest inventions of the modern technological world will have to be Adobe Photoshop. One way or another, everyone has been subjected to Photoshop. Either, your photos were airbrushed or you yourself possess certain Photoshop skills you’ve used on certain people’s images.

The subject of the photo usually doesn’t matter; Photoshop can modify small elements of any photo. From an out of place object or the entire background of the picture, indeed, Photoshop can easily manipulate people. The following is legitimate proof how much Photoshop can change the physical outcome of every picture taken.

10 Photoshop Transformations

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1. The resemblance is uncanny, like literally uncanny and unreal.


  1. Who needs make up and Botox when you can air brush your whole face?

photoshoeffects 2

  1. Lighting is important in pictures and clearly this image proves so.


  1. They say embrace your age but this is just beyond ridiculous.

photoshoeffects 4

  1. The most notorious aspect Photoshop is known for is their form altering tools. This 5th picture proves how far some editors can go to make some subjects more of this or more of that.

photoshoeffects 5

  1. This is another example of what airbrushing and lighting can do. Look at the marks on her legs, completely gone!

 photoshoeffects 6

7.  Another example of air brushing rinkles away


8. The Dark Fade-in Effect most used for costumes and themed photos


9. Chafing off the jaw line can be so tedious in Photoshop


10. There are those who prefer to highlight their jaw lines in photos but there are others who prefer to widen the face.


The Pro and Con of Photoshopping Images

The invention of Adobe Photoshop is beyond amazing. The ability to transform the subject of an image from scratch is both a pro and con. Photoshop is advantageous for the practicality of the tool in making quick alterations in images. It is also however, a great disadvantage in a way that it can create a form of illusion for many viewers. Either way, it’s a useful tool many people in several industries rely on.

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