Real/Live Casino vs Online Casino: Know which one is better?

Offline/Live casino vs Online casino: Analyze multiple factors like gameplay, payout, incentives & experience. And know which one is better for you with W88you.

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Real/Live Casino – Offline land-based Casino

What is a live casino? It’s a land-based casino that conducts legal online casino games for players with human dealers and offers great first-hand experience. It provides an environment for players to play games, enjoy with friends, drink, and eat with laughter, cheering, slot machines, spinning and rolling sounds, bright lights, etc. It’s a wonderful place to earn some money for an extrovert and it’s a one-time experience gaining opportunity for an introvert. Know its pros and cons to select the best one for yourself: live casino vs online casino.

live real casino vs online casino which one is better

5 Advantages of playing at Offline land-based Live Casino

  1. First-hand experience: Playing games in offline casinos provides a first-hand experience of playing casino games with a dealer sitting in front of you on a real casino table with other players. An atmosphere filled with laughter, cheers, music, rolling and spinning sounds, bright lights, etc. This atmosphere cannot be replaced by an online casino, even the thrill can’t match the feeling of an online casino.
  2. Socialize with players: Offline land-based live casinos give players a wonderful opportunity to interact with new people of the same liking, they provide a better and more fun way for friends to meet, play, drink, and eat. Yes, you heard it right, Offline casinos also provide a huge place for players to drink and eat while playing casino games and win more real money. Extroverts prefer Offline land-based live casinos.
  3. Free Drinks & Vouchers: You have a buy a ticket or become a member of Offline land-based live casinos to play games, and with that comes loads of benefits. There are different type of packages and most of them includes free drink, food, and other vouchers. Hence, join a live casino club and enjoy the perks of free drinks and food while playing live casino games on a real table with a real dealer.
  4. Contributes to the economy: Offline land-based live casino plays a great role in boosting the economy of a locality, wherever it is situated it offers great possibilities for economic growth. Offline land-based live casinos provide employment to many people near the area from cleaners, dealers, croupiers, chefs, waiters, etc. A boost in the economy leads to a better reputation and fast development.
  5. Instant payouts and withdrawals: Unlike online casinos, you can claim your winning amount immediately at Offline land-based live casinos, this perk stands best for players who don’t like to wait to withdraw their winning amounts. In online casinos, it takes nearly 24 hours to withdraw your winning amount in your bank account. Hence, if you are a player with less patience, opt for Offline land-based live casinos.

4 Disadvantages of playing at Offline land-based Live Casino

offline real casino live casino to win real money

  1. Occupancy issues: Offline land-based live casinos often run out of place and you have to make appointments to play casino games. Even if you get in, there’s a chance that your favorite table and favorite game is occupied with full occupancy for 2-3 hours. In such a case, you would have lost your money for no good reason because once you have entered an offline land-based casino you cannot leave without spending as you have to buy the chips beforehand before entering the casino.
  2. Slow-paced gameplay: Offline casino games are conducted at a slower speed as compared to online casino games because they don’t have a set time for placing a bet. Sometimes Players take a lot of time to think about which betting option to bet, consuming a lot of time to make it a slow-paced gameplay. Hence, if you want to play casino games at a fast pace, then opt for online casino games.
  3. Maintain Expressions: While playing casino games on offline tables with other players you have to keep a straight face, you cannot afford other players to know your cards. Level up your bluffing game if you are playing casino games in Offline land-based live casinos. Don’t show your cards via your expression, keep your face straight, and don’t show your excitement even if you are happy winning.
  4. Traveling to a Casino: If you don’t like to travel then Offline land-based live casinos are not the best options for you. They are situated away from society and you may have to travel a lot to reach them. Hence, if you want to enjoy earning money from the comfort of your home, you can opt for online gambling websites to play online casino games at affordable prices of less than RM1.

Online Casino – Gambling site-based Casino

Online Casino is a platform available on the internet to play online casino games for players who don’t like to get ready and go out, they prefer the comfort of their bed. If you are one of them, you don’t have to worry about anything, digitalisation has brought casino games to your doorstep, play online casino games, and win real money. In the race between live casino vs online casino: Online casinos wins for introverts and people who like privacy. Read and know which one is best for you: real casino vs online casino.

online casino vs real casino which one is the best

7 Advantages of playing at Gambling site-based Online Casino

  1. Incentives: Online casinos can’t offer free drinks and snacks like offline casinos, that’s why they offer amazing bonuses for new and existing players. Join an online casino and claim free credits, welcome bonuses, weekly reloads, festive bonuses, special bonuses, refer a friend bonus, and even grab a chance to win awesome electronic gadgets. You can also play more games, collect points, level up to VIP members, and win more exciting prizes like birthday gifts, trips, gadgets, cars, luxurious items, etc. W88 Promotion is best when it comes to online casino bonuses: free credit of RM30 and 20% welcome bonus of up to RM600.
  2. Convenience: Online casino provides ultimate comfort since all you need is a mobile or laptop to play online casino games and win real money. Play online casino games in the comfort of your home, room, bed, and blanket without spending money on travel, food, and drinks. Play with a minimum wagering amount of less than RM1 and enjoy earnings with W88 Live Casino, known to be the best in Malaysia.
  3. Fast-paced games: Betting times are set in online casinos, meaning that you get a fixed time to place a bet on online casino games in a round. But that doesn’t mean that you have to place a bet in every round, you can enter the gaming room and observe the game without placing a bet as long as you want. Hence, if you want to observe the game as long as you want without spending money, visit online casinos.
  4. Fewer interactions: If you don’t like interactions with people then online casino is the place for you, There are no interactions which means there’s no wastage of time. You can spend more of your time on online casino games and earn more real money with the right tips & tricks. There’s no one to influence your betting choices, so you can place bets without any second doubts with your right instincts.
  5. Bluff without showing: Since you are playing online casino games on your screen and there’s no one to look at you, you don’t have to hide your emotions. You can be as happy as you want when you win, and you can be as sad as you want if you lose, you can even bluff with your cards without another player knowing it. You can express your exact feelings while playing online casino games which is a bit relief if you think.
  6. Lesser house commission: It has been researched and calculated that online casinos take less percentage of your winnings as compared to offline casinos. Online casinos spend less on electricity, location, cleaning, etc. as compared to offline casinos which ultimately leads online casinos to take less commission from online players, and this way, you can earn more even without knowing.
  7. 24/7 Available & Accessible: Offline casinos are opened in a set time frame, You cannot visit offline casinos 24/7 but you can visit online casinos whenever you want from your bed. Be it late at night or early morning, you can play online casino games whenever you want without any hindrance, You don’t have to get ready and travel, all you need is a mobile phone in your hand and an online casino app.

2 Disadvantages of playing at Gambling site-based Online Casino

online casino vs live casino which one is best to win more real money

  1. Missing Socialisation: Opting for online gambling sites for playing online casino games leads to the comfort of not traveling, not getting ready, and playing from the comfort of your room. But if you want to meet new people and have a fun experience, then an online casino is not a good choice for you. There’s absolutely no socialization in online gambling casinos, you can’t even talk to your dealer.
  2. No spending limit: There’s no one to check on you in online casinos since you are playing behind a screen with no friends. This case pushes you to place more bets and you end up losing track of time and money because there’s no one to look after your benefits. Hence, create a time and money limit for yourself and conduct responsible gambling while playing online casino games in an online casino.

Conclusion: Prefer Online Casino over Offline Casino

Even though we can provide our conclusion based on customer ratings, what you prefer is your personal decision. Every person is different and that’s why, the conclusion cannot be made for one person. But we can make a conclusion for a large number of audience who prefer placing bets on online casinos. After conducting a survey and getting answered by 55,786 players in Malaysia, 79% prefer online casinos over offline casinos.

live casino vs online casino which one is better for you?

  1. Available, Accessible & Affordable: Players prefer online casinos because they are available 24/7, they are easily accessible in the comfort of their home, and they are affordable as they don’t need to earn more through players online because they have fewer expenses compared to offline casinos. Hence, when it comes to the question: Live Casino vs Online Casino, online casino wins the bet.
  2. Privacy + Bluffing advantage: No one is looking at you in online casino games, which means that you can bluff as much as you want without getting stressed about giving yourself away. You don’t have to hide your emotions because there’s no video conferencing in online casino tables. Be free to show!
  3. More RTP & less house edge: Offline casinos have to manage the ambiance of the place to attract players, they have expenses like cleaning, electricity, better location, etc. On the other hand, the online casino doesn’t have to look after the location, which reduces their expenses and in return, they give more to their customers and take less from them. Hence, online casinos have better RTP and lesser house edge.
  4. Better Incentives: Online casino offers multiple bonuses and rewards for its online players in the form of welcome bonuses, daily reloads, weekly reloads, giveaways, etc. You can also upgrade to VIP Club by being loyal to online casinos and win rewards like trips, expensive gifts, a luxurious lifestyle, etc. Meanwhile, offline casinos provide fewer incentives because of the expense of creating an ambiance.

While selecting an online casino to play, you must keep some points in mind. Online casinos who choose must have a legal license from a well-known authority to conduct online casino games for you, a valid SSL certificate to secure your information, an extensive range of online casino games, reputable casino game providers, multiple betting options, good odds, better payouts, less house edge, great quality-video gaming, no lagging in the video. We have researched for you and have brought some popular and trustworthy online casino suggestions for you: M88 Malaysia, W88 Live Casino, and 1XBET Betting.

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