Fresh 15 Elon musk Twitter memes 2024 #Takeover #$44Billlion

Netizens burst out on hearing the striking news from the Twitter CEO, Elon Musk. Here’s a roundup of 15 Hilarious memes with hashtag like #Takeover#TwitterSold!

Elon Musk Twitter memes 2024

Elon Musk, the Tesla and SpaceX creator, has bought Twitter. The $44 billion deal was completed on April 25th, and people are thinking about it. There are a lot of ideas. Of course, there are plenty of Elon Musk Twitter memes. That they tweeted about. Things are starting to get a little too meta these days. Below are the best 15 for you at W88you!

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Tumblr is still going strong in 2024, but it only has a few thousand users. We could enjoy the screenshots of posts that make their way off the site, but returning to Tumblr would be conceding defeat fully.







Youngsters would not have ridiculed him so much on Twitter if he had instead spent a ludicrous amount of money on charitable projects or ngos. Take a look at entertainment for more such funny jokes & memes on the latest topics trending on internet.





Millions of people’s lives may be improved in an instant if billionaires like Musk spent their money on humanitarian projects instead of declaring they’re “not liquid enough” and then spending $43 billion on some social media site.




Clearly, he is living in deplorable conditions. Investors are furious, Twitter users are engrossed in interminable disputes, and nothing has changed save Elon’s own net worth difficulties, which we can’t comprehend.

Elon Musk memes – Twitter takeover!

Hope these 15 Elon Musk Twitter memes made you aware of the famous billionaire and his new legacy, which continues to split and irritate many of us. We’re all curious to see how this plays out, however, switching to something better may be impossible.

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