India vs Germany Hockey Olympics 2020 – Bronze after 41 yrs

Find India vs Germany Hockey Tokyo Olympics 2020 highlights. Indian men’s hockey team won their 1st Bronze medal in 41 yrs defeating Germany by scoring of 5-4.

India vs Germany Hockey Highlights: India 5-4

What a historic moment for India’s men’s hockey team. Manpreet Singh’s soldiers are crying tears of joy after the India vs Germany hockey match.

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Updates and Highlights at W88 from the Tokyo Olympics Men’s Playoff Hockey Match between India vs Germany Hockey, which took place at the Oi Stadium, North Pitch in Tokyo. The Indian team has made a comeback for the ages. India defeated Germany 5-4 to win the bronze medal match in the Tokyo Olympics, despite being two goals down at one point. Continue reading to know more about India vs Germany hockey highlights.

End of the 1st quarter: IND 0-1 GERMANY

  • In the first quarter, Germany dominated. They took the lead as early as the second minute thanks to a deflection by Timur Oruz.
  • India appeared to be on the upswing after winning a penalty corner shortly after losing.
    Germany’s midfielders, on the other hand, have dominated, with as many as seven circle entries.
  • They also had a total of four penalty corners.
    India has preserved the score at 0-1 thanks to PR Sreejesh.

End of 2nd Quarter: IND 3-3 GERMANY

  • GOAL! In the second quarter, India responded quickly. Simranjeet Singh scores the equalizer that they sorely needed.
  • In the first quarter, India appeared to be struggling, but they have since rebounded.
  • GOAL! Furk scores Germany’s third goal. India has been stunned by two goals in a row. India pays the price for poor defensive performance.
  • GOAL! Hardik Singh had a goal! India is making a return. In the second quarter, they cut the deficit to 2-3.
  • There are only a few minutes till halftime, and this is an important goal for India.
  • Hardik has made it a habit of scoring the game’s most important goals. Is it possible for India to find another one and re-impose pressure on Germany?
  • GOAL! What a fantastic goal! India has achieved parity!

End of 3rd quarter: IND 5-3 GERMANY

  • GOAL! Rupinder Pal converts a penalty kick into a goal. Germany had to pay the price with some shoddy defense.
  • India has taken a 4-3 lead in the match. What a start to the third quarter, and India is firmly back in the lead. GOAL!
  • It is being done in India. In the last 10 minutes or so, they have pounded Germany.
    India scored a spectacular goal. Gurjant’s blazing run found Simranjeet in front of the goal, and the attack came from the right-wing. To score, he simply had to deflect it inside.
  • In the third quarter, Simranjeet Singh and Harmanpreet Singh scored vital goals to put India back in front.
  • What an incredible turnaround from India!

End of 4th quarter: Sreejesh with a critical save! IND 5-4 GERMANY

  • Germany receives a lifeline from Lukas Windfeder! To make it 4-5, he scores from the penalty corner.
  • In the fourth quarter, Germany scores an early goal. As the ball passed through his knees, PR Sreejesh’s attempt was rather mediocre.
  • India has the upper hand, but it is a razor-thin margin.
  • SAVE! With less than two minutes remaining, Germany receives a penalty corner, but PR Sreejesh saves the shot.
  • Germany requested another, but no referrals were available.

Finally, in the match of India vs Germany Hockey, India wins an Olympic hockey medal! India’s latest medal in the sport was a gold at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, which took place 41 years ago. As a result, this bronze medal will mean a lot to the former hockey giant. India defeats Germany in a high-scoring thriller thanks to a brace from Simranjeet Singh and goals from Hardik Singh, Harmanpreet Singh (penalty corner), and Rupinder Pal (stroke).

India vs Germany Hockey Olympics Highlights Video

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