How to win the Ladder game– 10 proven tips & winning tricks!

10 how to win the Ladder game tricks & tips to earn up to RM1,000 daily. Predict accurately & win real money with 10 proven strategies by W88you betting experts.

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The best part about creating your account in online betting sites is that you can get access to some cool online games to play which are also very easy to learn. However, most of these games highly depend on luck but, if you swap luck with some strategies to win, you can guarantee your winning with even more precision. One such game is The Ladder game that you definitely have to play in the W88 games section and to ensure your wins, here are 10 proven how to win the Ladder tricks and tips brought to you by the W88you experts.


1. Observe the Ladder Game for accurate predictions

The first thing that you will notice when playing The Ladder game is that the entire game is based on your predictions of which side the ladder will start and on which option it will end. Thus, you cannot really use any tricks to alter this outcome as the entire game is based on RNG-like systems. So, the only thing you can do is observe  which betting option wins the most in The Ladder game

  • This is one of the most beginner-friendly method to win when playing games like The Ladder is to observe which betting option wins the most and then placing bets on only those using some betting strategies we will introduce further down the article.
  • However, you must also be aware of the gambler’s fallacy when playing such games and using the Observing how to win the ladder game trick as it can cost you a lot of money. The gambler’s fallacy is the false belief that because a bet option has won many times, it is unlikely to win again, which is not really true.
  • So, if there is a betting option that wins 7 out of 10 rounds, then placing bets on it would make you also win more rounds out of some rounds.

2. Play Demo rounds before placing real-money bets

To test the above how to win the ladder game tip, the best thing you can do is play the game yourself and see if your observations are accurate or not. However, since you are a beginner at this trick you could make mistakes which would result in loss of money. In order to avoid this, you must first play demo rounds of The Ladder game online.

  • Even if you are eager to earn money it is important that first you play for free in the Ladder game room your online betting site offers you.
  • In fact, playing demo games would help you practice most of the how to win the Ladder game tricks and tips in this article, which is again beneficial for you to progress from beginner to pro.
  • Lastly, if you are confused with which betting site you should go for then try W88 as it gives you a free game room to play The Ladder game and also gives you a W88 Free Credit of RM30 on account verification which you can then use to place real-money bets.
W88 provides a free The Ladder game room

3. Observe the patterns and intervals of winning bets

As mentioned, playing the demo game before the real money game would help you in many ways to apply these Ladder tips for gaming and one such trick is to observe the patterns and intervals of the winning bets. How is this different from observing the most winning bet? Well, here, you basically have to keep an eye on the winning bets.

  • Let us take the same example for instance, where one betting option won 7 out of 10 games. Here, it is not very possible for the betting option to win 7 times in a row, which would mean that it won rounds after some interval of time.
  • If the most winning betting option won 3 times in a row, lost 1 time, won 2 times again, lost 1 time again, and then won 2 times and lost 1 time again, then it would create a pattern where you can conclude that the betting option tends to win after losing once, and wins almost 2 times in a row.
  • The above mentioned pattern is just an example, however, this way there are many winning patterns created that can even change as the most winning bet would change too. So, observing is a powerful tool you can use to keep track of such small details that could result in bigger wins.

4. Start with the minimum betting stake which is RM1

Now it is time that you have some real fun wisely as we move on to the next how to win the ladder game trick in this article and that would allow you to place real-money bets to win real money in The Ladder game rooms. However, since you will be using betting tricks and since you are still a beginner player, using the minimum betting stake is the best option.

  • It is very important to note that playing The Ladder game online should not cost a lot more than RM1 only, and so, if the online casino you select offers you ladder game rooms with more than RM1 as the betting stake, then we recommend using another betting site.
  • That being said, as you progress from beginner to pro, your betting stake should change to a higher amount so that you can win more payouts, and thus your betting site should give you game rooms with different setting for the betting limit.
  • If you create an account in the W88 Register, you will find 3 such betting limit setting that you can use to advance from beginner to pro and win accordingly. However, as a beginner, always start with the lowest betting stake amount in the room, which is RM1, then move to RM50 and then RM100.
At W88 Ladder game, you can select your betting stake limit

5. Increase your betting stake by 1 or 2 units if confident

We have emphasized that using the minimum betting stake is a must however, so not make it a rigid law. This is because sometimes you gut instinct of the next winning bet can be right and if you have a feeling that your next betting prediction is accurate and will definitely win, then you must place slightly higher stakes by increasing a unit of 2.

  • When you play The Ladder game online, you may sometimes feel that your next bet prediction is definitely accurate and this is your gut instinct.
  • So, as a beginner, in such times, it is alright to place bets worth RM2 or 3 as you will receive even more payouts if you win.
  • But do not worry, even if you lose it is okay because below we have mentioned one of the best betting systems that you can use to win back the money you lose when you learn How to Play The Ladder Game Online.

6. Make full use of the results chart in the game room

Although we have emphasized that observing the Ladder game is very important, we also acknowledge that doing so would take away most of the enjoyment of the game as you have to focus more on it than on playing the game for fun. This is why, you should use the results chart available in your game room to help you keep track of the winning betting results.

  • To do this, you must first make sure that The Ladder game room which you select should have such a detailed chart where you can get data on all the winning betting options.
  • This would also help you to look into the details of the games before you joined the game room and it would help you see the winning patterns as well.
  • As the image below from the W88 game room for The Ladder game, it should give you filter options as well where you can enter draw number and date to see the results of the desired draw.


7. Use betting systems to increase betting stake for more payouts

So far, we have given you some how to win the Ladder game tricks and tips which can definitely boost your winnings if used right in the W88 Gaming room, so hereon we will introduce you to the ways in which most gamblers manage to save their bankrolls while also earning more. Above we have mentioned that you can get back the money you previously lost using betting systems which are Progressive or Non-Progressive.

  • Progressive Betting systems lets you increase or decrease your betting stake based on your losses so that you can win back the money you previously lost. These kind of systems were created for high rollers and includes risks that ladder game beginners may or may not considered.
  • Non-Progressive Betting systems is a betting system that lets you maintain the same betting stake amount throughout the time you play the game regardless of your wins and losses. This betting system is beginner-friendly as it does not include huge risks but it would also not provide you with more payouts.
  • If winning is your goal then the non-progressive betting system is the one you should go for as it will be pocket friendly. But if earning money is your goal then the progressive betting system is definitely the best option.

8. Try the D’Alembert Betting System to Maximize Profit

Above we have mentioned that the progressive betting systems usually come with higher risks as it was created for people with huge bank rolls. Among these the Martingale betting system is the most successful one where you must increase your betting stake by doubling it when you lose a round, so that when you win, you get back the lost money as a payout. However, since this includes risks you can try the beginner version of this system called the D’Alembert betting system.

  • In the D’Alembert betting system, you must increase your betting stake by only 1 unit when you lose a game so if your minimum betting stake is RM5, instead of making it RM10 as the Martingale system suggests, you must increase it to RM6, by adding a unit.
  • However, when you win, you must decrease your betting stake by one unit and go to the same or initial betting stake amount.
  • If you use RM1 as your betting stake, then betting on the most winning betting option using the D’Alembert method would definitely guarantee that you leave the W88 Game room with more money. If you want to earn up to RM600 instantly then check out the W88 Promotion offers on the official betting site.


9. Set a betting limit with a small bankroll for the day

What makes pro gamblers rich is not that they earn a lot of money or win more betting rounds but it is because they know how to use their bank roll well by maintaining it well. As a beginner, this technique is something you should adopt right from the start so that you can grow into a successful and responsible pro gambler.

  • One way of doing this is by setting betting limits for yourself by removing some amount of money for your entertainment to play The Ladder game online.
  • This betting limit must be a fixed amount for daily or weekly games and you must adhere to it with utmost discipline.
  • The best way to split the amount as such is by using the 50-30-20 savings strategy, where 30% goes to your wants and entertainment is a want, which the other 2 percent goes to your Needs and Savings respectively.

10. Keep a set time to play the Ladder Game

Last on our how to win the Ladder game tricks and tips list is the strategy of using a set time to play the game and there is a major reason for this. You must set a time limit to play the game because setting a time limit would help you maintain your bankroll as well as would keep you away from being addicted to this fast-pace game, something commonly seen in the gambling world online.

  • Setting a particular time to play the game could also be healthy for your health and help you maintain a healthy relationship with gambling or betting online.
  • Since The Ladder game is a fast paced game where results are declared instantly, you may get hooked on the thrill of it and so, it is important to play mindfully.
  • Thus, you can either set a time limit to observe the game for 10 minutes and play for the next 50 minutes for 2 hours to win in small amount everyday. Eventually, as you begin switching game rooms and increase your betting stakes, you could end up earning up to RM1,000 daily!



This was all about How to Win the Ladder Game online using 10 pro and proven tricks and tips. With this we conclude our expert opinion and bid you farewell however, before we go, we recommend playing The Ladder game at online betting sites like W88 to get free game rooms or real money game rooms starting from RM1 only, and also welcome bonuses up to RM600 with Free Credit of RM30 on your account verification.

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